Thoughtful design trends translated for your home

The people at Charles Luck Stone center reached out with their interpretation of how the design world can be translated into home decorating and I thought their perspective insightful enough - and their pictures pretty enough - to share with you guys. Tell me what you think.

They were a little more articulate: "The latest trends in color and texture don’t just play out in the world of fashion; they also influence interior design and architecture. For many individuals, the look and feel of their home is just as important as the style of their clothing. And let’s face it, it’s much easier to renovate your wardrobe then it is your kitchen! To stay ahead of the curve, interior designers and architects need to keep tabs on the latest fabrication developments and color forecasting, as well as understand the longevity of a trend."

Here's my favorite - "Whiteness" of course

so serene. Here's what they predict:

In Design

• We’ll see more monochromatic, semi-plain decors with clean lines, no clutter and minimal structural effects.

• Technology and hand-tooling will be used to add dimension and texture, generating depth and visual interest.

• Homage will be paid to strong and classic interpretations of architecture, and not overly masculine or feminine.

• Woods, if used, will be pale or dark, grainy and textured.

In Stone

• We’ll see a resurgence of classic white marble in the kitchen and bathroom, often featuring the European prefence for thicker, solid edges.

• Stone will be present in various textures and face finishes for a tone-on-tone dimensional effect.

• Classic polished stone materials will be tumbled for a new look.

They also had some pretty pics illustrating the "Artisan" perspective

In Design

• Cultural influences will lead to the popularity of vertical and elongated forms. We’ll see more repeating designs.

• Artisans’ influence will be shown in an increased use of mosaic, stencil and stained glass.

• Natural, indigenous materials will be used to reflect the representative culture.

• Arts and crafts and mission will continue to be popular, as will bungalow style, with emphasis on porches and terraces.

• We’ll see a growing influence of global styling, particularly Indian, Moroccan, Latin and Chinese colors, detailing and craftsmanship.

In Stone

• We’ll see more handcrafted and handtooled materials. A mix of textures and finishes will add to the feel.

• Mosaics, especially those that are custom designed, will be incorporated into design.

• New color blends in stone will emerge.

• Accent detailing will become more prominent—an influence of the new multiculturalism.

Another good inspiration board - Authenticity

In design

• Natural (versus faux) materials will reflect the desire for designing and building enduring legacies.

• Arrangements will be more purposeful and coherent. Signature pieces will become important and personal.

• We’ll see a surge in the use of reclaimed wooden floors, natural stone, original art pieces and antiques.

• Architecture and design will remain relatively disciplined, with flexibility for personalization within the vernacular.

In stone

• Stone rooted in the history or culture of an area will gain prominent use.

• Products with great tradition or used in famous buildings will become more valuable.

• Products that exhibit a vintage, patina or weathered look will be in higher demand.

• Clients will actively seek out reclaimed stone as their desire to preserve architectural heritage increases.

There are more images and design predictions at Charles Luck Stone Center

Do you think these are some of the design trends we'll see in the home? How do you think people will be decorating or what materials do you hope to see more of?
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