A house in gorgeous warm whites filled with vintage treasures

I've had this house tour for a while and have been anxious to share it with you. This is the home of Marcia Nelson, who you could probably guess from her marvelous collections not only collects antiques, but owns an antique shop.

I LOVE vintage suitcases

Great desk

"Marcia Nelson's 1868 house is a repository of collections, neutral in palette but not in passion."

I adore white pottery as well.

What do you think?

images and quotes via Design, Decor...
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Photographer portfolio: The serene work of Janis Nicolay

It has been a LONG time since I've featured a photographer's portfolio. I think Janis Nicolay's speakes for itself. Enjoy!

So pretty - love this dining room

See more at Janis Nicolay
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Gorgeous images from my favorite blogs

I started this little "favorite images from my favorite blogs" feature to reconnect with what got me started blogging in the first place - other blogs. But with the chaos of running my own blog and being a freelance web designer, I tend to loose touch with my beloved blogosphere. This week I refused to put it off again though, so without further ado - some lovely images from my favorite blogs. Enjoy and happy weekend!

Just discovered this blog. I'm the New Victorian Ruralist's new biggest fan. A wonderfully edited blog - you don't have to go far to find lots of luscious pics.

The lovely La La Lovely Things

LOVE the books in the fireplace

*swoon* I could really use a day at the beach. This is heavenly.

Last but not least, some images from Joey and Lana Make a House a Home

I'm liking black and white as a palette more and more everyday.

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A month by month plan to get your home storage organized: February is for kitchen organization

So month two of BHG's month-by-month storage plan is to conquer your kitchen. Here's the strategy. If you missed month one - January, you can see the home office storage plan in my previous post.

Sort and Label.
Evaluate all pantry items. Toss everything that's expired and give away everything you didn't use in the last year. (Write today's date on every item so you'll know next year if you actually used each item.) Put items back in pantry and label shelves.
oh...an organized pantry is a BEAUTIFUL thing
via Real Simple

via GharExpert

One cannot have too many jars and canisters. Looks better and keeps food fresher than boxes and bags. I will cut off the label on the box and tape it to the lid of a jar if it's something I might have trouble identifying later.
via PrettyShabby on Flickr

Keep a clipboard in your pantry to jot down any staples you are running low on.
via Martha Stewart

Outfit a Drawer. Double the storage capacity inside a cabinet by adding freestanding wire shelves. Measure your cabinet interiors before heading to the home center or choose expandable shelves. Include riser-style inserts for small items such as spices or glassware.

Utilize Cabinet Doors. Evaluate the interior of every cabinet door and determine whether you can use the space to store spices, loose recipes, paper towels, or utensils. Add shallow shelves, racks, wall-mount pouches, and magnetic or cork boards.

Living in small NYC kitchens I learned early on to utilize the inside of cabinet doors, closet doors, etc. to store things.

Genius! Use tension rods to separate and divide lids, trays, and baking sheets.
2 above via BHG

Add Hooks. Install a utensil bar or metal grid above or beside your stove. Dangle five to eight frequently used utensils from S-hooks. Include a small wire basket to hold salt, pepper, cooking spray, and oil.

via Martha Stewart

I love the nook for the mixer and toaster!

great use of island space - installing bookshelves on the side. I don't know what the TV is doing their though.

2 above via BHG

Go to BHG to see the upcoming/past months' storage plans.

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A GORGEOUS Barcelona apartment you don't want to miss

While searching Apartment Therapy for some eye candy the other night I fell in love with the 2010 Small Cool International Winner. This apartment is small on square feet but big on beauty.

I ADORE this beautiful reading room. Plenty of books, a big comfy couch, what else do you need?

For small bedrooms a bed like this one with under bed storage is the best use of space

So pretty - love the lighting!

Do you agree?

via Apartment Therapy
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Unique, vintage inspired housewares

I'm really excited to introduce to you guys my news advertiser, Abodent. Their forte is a wide selection of adorable and chic drawer pulls and knobs, but they also have gorgeous tableware, pillows, and other small housewares. If you like shabby chic, vintage, or just unique things - I'm sure they'll have something you like. And if you use the code from the ad on my sidebar - 10DECO you will save 10%. Another nice perk is they ship to many different countries. Check out all the goodies at Abodent.

Here are some of my favs

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