Liveable rooms full of attainable glamor...

This light-filled kitchen stays humble but pretty with simple, classic cabinets, and simple light fixtures.

A dark neutral adds instant elegance

This room is literally brought to life with plants.

I ADORE this bedroom. The bedding adds a lot of glamor, which is kept down-to-earth with a neutral, solid rug.

This room is very mid-century mod, but it doesn't feel overly gimmicky to me.

If you're scared of bold color or pattern - do it in a small space like an entryway or powder room first. I tend to think "big impact" is more interesting in small spaces anyway.

How have you added a little glam to your home while still keeping it liveable and low-maintenance?

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Introducing the newest Decorology sponsor and a great resources for designers and DIYers...

Some of you may have noticed my newest advertiser on the left hand column - the pretty blue box that says "Lewis and Sheron Textiles." I was surprised when they emailed me about advertising because I had just ordered some swatches from them the week before. I had heard about how great their selection/prices were from the post "Fabric Searching on the Cheap" on Cote de Texas. As some of you may remember, I was on the search for a fabric to make curtains for my new apartment. The current curtains are tan and drab and do not tie together my new Iranian rug and my sofa. Below is a picture:

Pretty drab right? Well, I got some amazing tips and suggestions from you guys, and I finally found something I like at the right price point.

The fabric I chose. (I'll be doing a curtain reveal soon).
via Danielle Oakey Interiors

Well, several of the swatches I tested were from Lewis and Sheron, and they stood out because the swatches were the largest I received - around 18" L by 5" W.  Also - they were the only store to  include matching trim samples at no extra cost.

So, now that I've found fabric for my curtains,  I need to sew several pillow covers to create some cohesion between my drapes, rug, and sofa. So, I've ordered several swatches from the site, which allows me to sort by colors.  I want fabrics with reds, blues, and blacks - all of which are present in my rug.

It's easy to select a color and see all the trims and fabrics with the selected color.

You can also search by other criteria

Your cart selections are visible on the top of the site.

Below are some of the swatches I ordered from Lewis & Sheron to see if they'll make good matches for pillowcases.

Stay tuned later in the week for a really great giveaway from Lewis & Sheron!

disclosure* This post is sponsored by Lewis & Sheron Textiles
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Preparing you home for winter: touches of coziness and luxury

I want to wish everyone here in the states a happy Thanksgiving - cherish time spent with family, friends, and loved-ones.
- xoxo, Ashley

With the weather turning for the worse and the temperatures plummeting, we all seek little comforts to keep us going. Whether it’s indulging in some spontaneous shopping or giving in to that chocolate craving, there’s still nothing better than coming home to a warm and cosy home. So, here are some design tips on how to make the cosiest living room.

via Scandinavian Chic

Now that the days are shorter, it's usually dark by the time most of us get home from work. Set one of the lights near your entry or foyer on an automatic timer to turn on a few minutes before you usually get home. Having a light on when you enter will add a welcoming, comforting feeling.

The lighting can make or break the cosiness. Keep the lighting soft by using a collection of small table lights, and floor lamps. Also, track lighting can not only highlight your favourite features but add to the mood, which you can control best with dimmer switches. A main factor of the room’s atmosphere is its colour scheme. Focus on warm colours. You can have a combination of soft and warm colours, or liven it up with a deep red or bright yellow.

Lamplight is far cozier than overhead lights

via Alice in Designland

via TradHome

via Apartment Therapy

A reading nook with throws and pillows is a perfect way to spend a comfy day inside and out of the cold
Home Sweet Home

via House to Home

Accessories play an equally important role for setting the cosy scene, so get lots of them and make sure they’re soft and touchable pieces. You can use stylish accent pillows to pile up, and drape throw blankets over the sofa and furniture. Keep these in tone with your chosen warm colours, and be sure that you really love their style and texture. Then you won’t be able to resist their comfort.

via Elle Decor?

I'd cozy up with this little guy any day.
via Pottery Barn

More and highly recommended accessories are accent pieces, like candles, mirrors, and wall art. The wall art can underline and combine the overall theme of the living room, while candles lit in front of mirrors provide a soft yet dramatic glow to the room. However, for this to work when you need the comfort, which could be any time of the day, you’ll want to stop natural light or the glare from street lamps from spoiling it all. The best window coverings for the job are Venetian blinds, since they are available in many different colours, styles, designs and materials, and can be matched with the existing decor. And when you’re ready to let the world back in, you just adjust your Venetian blind.

These are just some design tips to get you in the mood of the cosy living room experience. Aromatherapy products, relaxing music, and area rugs are some more of the endless options for the cosy design. The main point is to make sure you love the design and are comfortable with the colours and features chosen. Enjoy designing and Happy Winter.

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If you want to try your hand at decorating, update your methods, or become a better designer - you must check out this book!

There are a lot of great how-to decorating books out there, but the one I'm about to introduce is truly different, and I really think it could make anyone a better designer. It's titled "The Meghan Method," and is written by Meghan Carter, who got her start in the design world by traveling across the country interviewing industry experts about interior design.

It's hard to really give the book justice in a short explanation, but here is an idea as seen on the Meghan Method site page:

"This revolutionary guide demystifies decorating, breaking it down into a fill-in-the-blank, simple, step-by-step process — with worksheets — that enables ANYONE, on any budget, to create the home of his or her dreams. You'll discover:

How to find your true style.
How to pick the perfect colors.
How to mix patterns.
How to arrange furniture.
How to choose lighting.
Where to score the best deals.
Where to find the coolest items.
And much, much more."

Below I've scanned a few of her amazing worksheets which show you how to translate your needs and likes into the perfect room:

The book walks you through several example rooms.  I'm sharing some of her "home office" worksheets.  First is your aspirations for the room.

Second, your functional needs for the room.

Third, and probably where most people get stumped, or overlook, your emotional needs for the room.

Meghan also breaks down how to translate your muses into decor, accessories, and furnishings.

The author also lists a couple of pages worth of inspirational blogs, sites, and magazines. Decorology is so honored to be mentioned among such great company!
Thanks Meghan for the shout out!

Finally, you will complete a room evaluation to make sure your room and the accessories you buy will accommodate everything you need.

Create a to-do list and the order in which items should be completed.

She also reviews methods on how to physically plan your space.  One example is the one above - the taping method.  I've never heard of this, but it seems really great if you tend to get really nervous about arranging furniture, hanging pictures, etc.

The final result: your dream space.

I definitely recommend checking this book out.  It's a thick one - almost 400 pages.  And it's not just a book of pretty pictures - it's more like the text book for decorating you always wished you had.

You can buy the book here.

You can download the worksheets here.
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Can you imagine going to this beautiful space everyday for work?

I work from home, so I'm pretty lucky that I can design my space however I want (or however my wallet allows), but I have worked in a few offices and it's sad that we have to spend so much of our lives in a space where we can't really make it ours. Often it's hideous cubicle partition walls that we have to stare at day in and day out.

The loft is that of polish bag producer Batycki, a company located in north Poland - Gdansk.  It's light-filled and decorated with vintage furniture and accessories.  The plants also add a nice touch.

great shot

What do you think of the loft? Is your office space nicely designed/decorated, or do you with the company you work for put a bit more emphasis on good interior design?
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