Interior Designer Lori Pepe - Lunché : Relaxed and Beautiful

The portfolio of Berkeley, CA interior designer Lori Pepe - Lunché evokes several adjectives: relaxed, unstuffy, warm, welcoming, and refreshing. All very good things. Here are a few of my favorite rooms by Lori.
White bedding...I think white bedding is my favorite.  I have lots of printed linens, but I always think my bedroom looks prettiest when my bed is done in all whites...

I adore this bathroom.  The cool slick marble contrasting with the branch sconces and decor is glamorous, but not too overt.

The small Berkeley kitchen below is full of cool storage solutions

How cool are those utensil holders?  I've never seen anything like them before.

Check out Lori's fab blog, Design Salon.
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My Summer in Europe - Budapest Part 2

If you saw my first post covering our trip in Budapest, you know how much I loved it. It is such an amazing city. There were so many photos I wanted to share that I had to break it up into two posts, so here goes again.

The Hungarian Parliament Building is one of Europe's oldest legislative buildings and the largest building in Hungary.

Aerial views from the top of St. Stephen's Basilica

A view of Castle Hill - you can see the top of Fisherman's Bastion

Along with my 10 week backpacking trip with my fiance Chris, I have also done traveling on my own to France and Italy.  Traveling alone is an enjoyable, albeit different experience than traveling with a friend.  Everything is on your scheduled and your preferences.  I think it's becoming more popular to take single vacations, as more and more places are advertising themselves to the lone traveler.

One of the highlights for me was the stunning, not-to-be-missed Matthias Church.  Unfortunately because of the bright spotlights from the ceiling, and our not-so-great camera, it was hard to capture the beautiful blue of the ceiling.

If you really like these you MUST go to 360 Cities where you can click and drag for a 360 degree, high res. view of the church

Here are some screen grabs from 360 cities.

Here's that list again of all my posts from our travels that I've posted -


•Introduction to my European backpacking trip and a list of places we visited
• Galicia - Baiona and Isle de Cies
• Galicia - the coast, some charming vineyards, and Pontevedra
• Santiago de Compostela and gorgeous hidden beaches
• Gorgeous mountain lakes of Picos de Europa
• Stunning mountains - Picos de Europa
• Bilbao and San Sebastian
• Beautiful Barcelona
• The amazing Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona
• Art Nouveau dream house by Gaudi in Barcelona


• Not to miss - the gorgeous rocky coast of Italy's Cinque Terre
• More from my summer traveling Europe - amazing Rome
• From my summer in Europe - amazing Pompeii
• Turquoise ocean and vineyards on cliffs - the amazingly stunning Amalfi coast
• My Summer in Europe: Pictures from lovely Florence, Italy
• Enchanting Siena
Lake Como, Italy

Jungfrau region, Switzerland, Part 1
Jungfrau region, Switzerland, Part 2

• One of my favorite cities from my European backpacking trips - Ulm, Germany
• Lake Constance
• Cute HOUSE Overload - the charming medieval homes of Germany's Romantic Road
• Regensburg, Germany, and Salzburg, Austria  

• Salzburg
• A charming lakeside village, Hallstatt
Beautiful Vienna
Kunst Haus Wien in Vienna

Budapest Part 1

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Getting cozy inside when it's stormy out...

As I'm sure you all know by now, here on the East Coast we are all bracing for Sandy to hit. Schools are closed, offices are closed, and transit is at a halt. There's no where to go but to stay home, and why not make it as cozy and comfy as possible?

I'd love to know where this house is

We were without power for a whole week this summer, so we're bracing for the worst this time, and have gathered up all of our candles and filled all of our pots with water.

Nothing says cozy like marshmallows and cocoa.

And of course, park yourself in front of the fire if you are lucky enough to have one...

How do you get cozy?

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Divine Kitchens

I think kitchens can really tell a lot about a person. Do they cook a lot, are they messy or neat, modern or traditional, are they collectors or purgers..., etc.. Below are some lovelies I've pulled together...

I'm not usually a big fan of modern, but the rug and sheers adds softness.

Love the light fixtures, love the backsplash.  Kitchen tiles and flooring tile is really something that makes a huge impact and can't really be faked.  I'm sure when I'm lucky enough to design my dream kitchen, and floors, I'm going to try and look into every possible money saving option, like buying wholesale tile, click here for an example.

White is my favorite for cabinets.

Wow! 3 chandeliers, that wallpaper, that green island!  It all makes for one pretty and cheerful kitchen.

Sleek and efficient.

I don't think I've seen a kitchen with this much exposed brick.

Definitely the kitchen of a fun-loving, quirky chef.

What does your kitchen say about you?

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More cool, cute, and spooky Halloween ideas

 Such a simple and great idea!! Spray paint a wreath and some rubber snakes and you have a fabulous creepy wreath.  Instructions to make the wriggling snake wreath.

 A cute little Halloween porch

Love these simple but dramatic raven  decorations. The perches are just cardboard tubes painted black, and you can purchase some inexpensive chain at a hardware store.  Here are instructions.

I LOVE these chicken wire yard ghosts!  So creepy.

As a little kid, I loved it when people set up little haunted houses in their garages.  Of course when you have a garage as nice as this, or as a Garaga garage door,  a large grimacing face, or spooky scene looks festive.

One of my favorite ideas - spooky silhouettes in your windows. Instructions here.

And these aren't necessarily decorations, but they make me smile:

 "The Birds" barbie

Awesome and simple cupcake ideas

SO ADORABLE!  Little Garth and Wayne.

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