One of the best home decor books I've read in a while: "Books Make A Home"

There are lots of pretty decorating books out there, but it's only every now and then that I get one where I want to scan and show you every single page. This book, "Books Make A Home," is one of those few gems.

"Books Make A Home," by Damian Thompson, is filled to the brim with ideas and imagery of how to store and display the books in your space - large or small...

like in alcoves..

...even bathrooms! (I do love reading in the tub!)

This white bedroom, where color is solely brought in be books and the three potted plants, is one of my new favorite spaces.

Don't store books above your bed if you live in an earthquake prone area.

I'm against covering books so they fit into your decor or color palette.  Books themselves are beautiful to me, and I like people who come into my home to be able to learn a little more about me, where I've been, and what I'm passionate about, by the spines on my shelf.

A cleverly placed book shelf is a classic great idea for breaking up a studio or large space into separate rooms.

So, are the books in your home there haphazardly? Or have you stored and displayed them in a thoughtful way? If so, do you arrange them based on where you need to access them, there importance to you, the beauty of their spines, etc. ? Can't wait to hear how you integrate books into your home!

 The book can be purchased on Amazon.

 all images from "Books Make a Home," I received "Books Make a Home" as a sample.
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Not to be missed: A feminine glamorous apartment in a historic art noveau building

This dream apartment belongs to decorator and TV presenter Ana Antunes, and is located in Chiado, Lisbon's fashion district. I feel like this apartment speaks to the girly girl in all of us who wants to feel luxurious and pampered in every room of your house. Tiffany blues, mirrored furnishings, pastels, and opulent decor are found throughout this stunning space.

The deep, tall windows in this room are to-die-for.

If you couldn't tell, Ana loves all things Tiffany blue.

I always try to use decor that has special meaning to me, just like Ana has showcased one of her mother's paintings here.

So true and so simple "Always believe your instincts and emotions.  If you love something a lot, stick with it because you won't get tired of it easily"

I've made the mistake of really liking something "of the moment."  Even though I might sincerely like the look, I don't always wait to see if I like it for an extended period, enough to make the commitment to it in my home.

Love all the artwork throughout her home.

What do you think of Ana''s home?

via Adore Home Mag
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Lots of fabulous entry and hallway inspiration and eyecandy!

We just got a new console for entryway, which was much needed considering I was using a wonky collapsible thing I picked up off someone's curb a few years ago. So now that our console is in place, I decided to find some inspiring ways to decorate and organize it.

I want our entry console to act as a mail sorting area and a place to keep my purse.
via West Elm
I think I'd like to have a small light on our console, like you see above.  If you put it on a timer so that it turns on right before you normally get home from work each day, it really makes your home feel welcoming!

via Sweet Home Style

via BHG
white floors, black walls, a statement lighting fixture....I'm in love via Adore Home
I wish we had space for people to sit down and take off their shoes (we are a no-shoes apartment), but for now I'll just have to keep it in mind for when I do have the space. I also like the large, dramatic piece of art at the end of the hall. It has a really dramatic effect.


via Pinterest (yikes - can't find the link!) - Originally from Pottery Barn
via DWC

via Sweet and Lovely Things
Hope you saw something you liked - have a fab weekend!
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A Fabulous Giveaway! $50 Gift Card to Urban Decals!

If you've been thinking about adding some visual interest or pop to one of your rooms you're in luck!

The awesome folks at Urban Decals are offering Decorology readers a chance to win a $50 gift card to use on the decal of their choice!

All you have to do to enter is "Like" them on Facebook -  and then go to their Etsy store, check out their decals, and come back here to leave a comment sharing which decal is your favorite! Here are some of my favorites:

These flowers would look great on my bedroom walls, too.

or these...

The contest closes Thursday, March 1st at 6PM EST.  I will select a winner by random draw and announce the lucky gal or guy on Friday, March 2nd.

Good luck!
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A fresh, light and airy house tour that totally has me craving spring!

Even though the winter here in Maryland has been mild, I feel like we really haven't been getting much sunshine. This morning there was a fleeting 10 minutes of bright sunshine coming in my bedroom window, so I just stood there soaking in the light and heat while I could get it. It was nice to feel a little perked up for a while, and apartments like this one give me the same feeling of spring, when things are first starting to brighten up and you can smell spring in the air.

Now that my curtains are finished - I'm thinking of slip covering my couch in a lighter fabric like this.  I love the easy look of it.

Like my apartment, which is a one bedroom, the living room also serves as a dining nook and home office.

A white chair and clean-lined Parsons desk helps integrate the office space into the living space

How could pretty pink flowers not make you think of spring?!?

The more I see simple white linens, the more I want them.

What do you think, is this space too sparse and white for you, or could you feel right at home here?

via Rue mag
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Modern Bathroom Inspiration

A bathroom redo is not in my future anytime soon, but if I could pick only one room to do a redo, it would be hard for me not to choose my bathroom. (It is small and outdated…) I’m sure there are other rooms that would be more practical to update, but nothing helps me unwind like a hot bath. In fact, if I want to relax, my go-to method is to fill up the tub with hot water, add some salts and oil, and grab my bath pillow. I bring in whatever book I’m reading and enjoy it by candlelight. It’s heaven – even if only for 15 minutes.

via BHG

 I tend to go for the standard white gloss bathroom furniture, because I love a bright, shiny, and clean looking bathroom. My priority would be a gorgeous freestanding tub, deep enough for me to completely submerge.

oh lala! Either of these would be more than sufficient.

 I’ve also always liked the look “bowl sinks.” I’m not sure what else to call them…

Does anyone have a sink like this? Do you like it? I’ve always wondered if they are still comfortable for washing your face, easy to clean, etc. Here are some other bathrooms I would love to have...

so gorgeous!

How about you, do you lean towards classic white bathroom suites, or do you like to bring in other textures and/or colors (stone, wood, colored tiles, etc.) ?

Images from and last two images from

*disclosure: this post is sponsored by
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Oh so glamorous and elegant interiors in white

I am super excited about this post because I always have, and I think always will, have a soft spot for white interiors.  Having a room based in white is great by itself, and it's great for those who are afraid of color, because it lets you experiment with color in small doses, such as throws, pillows, and other accessories.

Aren't the windows to die for?  The room could easily go gloomy with all of the dark wood, however, so white furnishings and light and airy fabrics keep it bright.

The dramatic slate gray walls in this SF showhouse really contrast beautifully with the white upholstered chairs.

This dining room has superb bones, and the white and neutral colors let them take center stage.
I think I'd go without the rug though.

I like the painted floors in this room, but I think I'd sill like a rug at my feet when I get out of bed.  The chandelier and furniture is gorgeous.

*swoon...a modern parsons desk, an antique ladder-back chair, a tribal stool..the white netting..what an unexpected but delectable quartet.

What do you think?  Do any of these spaces make your heart skip a beat?

via Traditional Home
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