Amazing Treehouses I'd actually live in

Okay, so maybe I wouldn't live in all of these, but definitely most of them. The rest are just amazing to look at. With all the leaves budding on the trees I've been looking up a lot, and it would be oh so nice to just wake up in the tree tops!

A victorian in the trees...
via Treehouse workshop

via Lovely Happenings

a petite castle
via Tree--houses

how dreamy to wake up here!

a beautiful tree house "tent," a rentable getaway in Australia.
via travelnine msn

This gorgeous organic structure was funded by yellowbook, and used to be open to the public as a restaurant.
via yellowbook

An adorable "cottagey" treehouse

ok, so not livable - but very cool regardless

via Flickr

This reminds me of Gisele's treehouse in Enchanted.
via A Soft Place to Land

via Apartment Therapy

And last, but not least, this treehouse is very dear to my heart. My grandfather built this for my sisters and I on our farm on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland . We loved it and I'm happy to see it still stands, though I'm not sure if the current owners use it.
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Check out my guest post over at dwellings and decor

Rachel over at dwellings and decor was one of my first blogging friends, so I was very touched when she asked me to guest post while she's on her fabulous honeymoon.

Spring is being a tease up here in NYC. It’ll be a lovely 64 degrees one day and then we wake up in the morning to find it’s turned 38 degrees and rainy. Needless to say lots of us are suffering colds, sleepiness, and other ailments that come with rapid weather changes. However, to keep the optimism and hope alive, I turn to light and airy interiors for some cheering up, and those with generous splashes of green seem to be best at bringing a smile to my face….

I really like the look of the crisp black and white pillow and blanket against this pale green…

via Better Homes and Gardens

Mix and match bedding has to be up there in my top 5 decorating styles!
via Real Simple

via Domino

Go check out more of Rachel's lovely dwellings and decor here!
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A STUNNING Victorian Restoration

Tattersall Love says "A striking Victorian renovation which retains period features, but offers an all-white backdrop to bold colour and pattern accents, successfully juxtaposing quirky vintage finds with more contemporary designs. The bathroom features a marble tiled wall and very modern fittings alongside its ethnic furniture pieces and the kitchen opens onto a wrought iron balcony which leads in turn down to the ivy strewn courtyard garden."

Check it out below -

My bedroom is a similar blue and I love it!

very nice salon-style wall

*heart* the fireplace!

woah! woah! That blue cupboard!! I have to get something that beautiful color...

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Can you pick? 3 pretty apartments up for a prize...

Skona Hem holds a monthly contest where readers can vote on the most inspiring homes of other readers... I decided to compile some of the entries here to see what you guys thought!

House A: bright, open, and airy

House B: comfy, feminine, and cheerful

House C: luxurious, textural, elegant:

I'm so glad purple has been getting the love it deserved recently!

I'm leaning towards B because it feels a little warmer to me, and more realistic to maintain. I'm open to persuasion though!
via Skona Hem
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