A month by month plan to get your home storage organized

Better Homes and Gardens released this storage organization guide recently and I thought it'd be a good thing to share. I should have posted it early, and from now on I'll post each month's schedule withing the first week of the month. To read the whole storage plan on BHG, click here.

Click on the image for a larger view

January is all about the home office. Here is what they suggest doing:

•Create a Mail Station. Set up mailboxes on a desk, wall, or bulletin board. Or give each member of your family his or her own labeled box, bin, or slot.

•Stay on Schedule. Hang a large monthly calendar in a spot everyone can see and use it. Choose a paper calendar or dry-erase version, and encourage everyone to write important events, deadlines, and reminders.

•Organize Office Supplies. Outfit a desk drawer near your main working area with a divided tray or multiple small bins. Limit the number of office supplies in each compartment. Label each compartment with an adhesive label.

•Get Rid of Junk. Test all writing utensils. Toss everything that doesn't work perfectly. Group similar items (pens, pencils, markers, etc) in canisters for easy access.

Of course, you can always go way more in detail, but I think their suggestions are a nice starting point.

I adore this choclate office, and I'm a huge fan of baskets.
via Southern Living

The modular desk systems and home office styling ideas from Pottery Barn are an organization junkies dream. ...one day...
via Pottery Barn

love me an inspiration board
via Traditional Home

A super glam office

A Herman-Miller studio.
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sweet, sweet sleep - in a beautiful bedroom

Here in Maryland we had a blizzard that left over a foot of snow in a matter of hours. Yuck. The gloom outside makes it so hard to get up in the morning. I just want to sleep and not wake until i can look out the window and the weather be sunny and in the 70s all week. Agree?

so simple and pretty

I'm loving the deep hues being used only in the bedding - it makes the room super versatile.

Great home office - and great bedroom - but I'd be too tempted to take naps with my bed so close to my desk.

via Casa Diez
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Lovely work spaces whatever your work may be

I do light sewing but plan to really learn more over the next two years. A room devoted to sewing would be divine.
via Fjeldborg
via Decor8 Tumblr

so elegant! via Elle Decor

One of my fav. home offices of all time. This space proves that even a garage can be pretty. The track lighting just makes the beams look industrial chic!
via Ish and Chi

I really like these filing cabinets from Crate and Barrel

via Canadian House and Home

An unused closet can make a small but functional home office.
via BHG

Good organizing accessories also make your space pretty and functional. This nifty laptop organizer, and this adorable teacup supply organizer are from Emmo Home.
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Beautiful entryways you haven't seen before

well...I hope these are new to you...

A close up of the hall above

Great magazine display!

via Casa Diez
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A prelude to Spring

I feel like every year I'm ready for spring a little bit sooner. This year is no exception. I can't remember the last time the sky was blue. Hopefully these pictures can help us remember what spring looks like.

Beautiful photos from the talented Lara Rossignol. Check out her blog, Piewacket

via House Doctor

So beautiful - green!

via Nikreations

Isn't that chandelier with the greenery great? It'd be a great idea for a wedding outdoors in a tent or barn.

via Elle Decor
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Bright and cheery kitchens

I'm feeling quite yucky today, so I thought I'd post some pretty, bright pics. These are all of kitchens and dining areas I thought were especially cheerful. Hope you are feeling better than me!

via Fjeldborg

via BHG

I love kid drawings

via Casa Diez
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pretty pretty pretty - a few great houses from a new online decorating magazine

Domino may be gone, but god opened a window and has graced us with a handful of really great new online decorating and interior design magazines. These pretty houses are from an Australian newcomer called Adore. If you like what you see - go straight to the source - the Adore Magazine site.

I ADORE the throw on that bed!

I have those candlestick holders! They are from Black and Blum

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