Gorgeous European Interiors

Lots of prettiness for you this morning! I've collected some images that I feel are particularly sensual. I feel like they focus a lot more on patina and texture in France - thoughts?

I love the juxtaposition of this rusic table with the elegant pink walls and gold accents

Love the composition on the mantle

I really love the chest of drawers against the wall - what a great piece for organizing

check out the wall! It looks like a detail of a Monet!

via Marie Claire Maison
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Gorgeous interiors potpourri

I have to jet but I thought you guys might enjoy some good old eye candy! All images are from House to Home

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Do you have trouble picking out art?

You aren't alone - a lot of people struggle with it. I majored in illustration in college and I'm still intimidated by galleries? Well, I was just introduced to ArtQuiver and they have a fun little quiz where you rate paintings, take a short personality quiz, compare paintings, and then they try to guess what you'd like. When you've finished the quiz they show you art from their selection that you might like.

Here's what they picked for me -

A close up to get the detail of the work below
Liz Wallen

John Westmark

These pieces by Greg Minah are my favorites.

And some good news - art always appreciates in value!

Take the quiz at ArtQuiver
Do you like what they recommended for you?
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Use flea market finds no matter what your style!

Even more than buying something new, I enjoy the thrill of finding something for a steal and turning it into something you could never find in stores. I think that is partially the essence of shopping at flea markets and thrift stores. However, it doesn't mean you're stuck decorating a vintage or shabby chic style.

The frames are all flea market - and the wine jugs as well

Collections always make interesting decor.

If you want to display a range of things but keep it looking neat make sure they all share a characteristic - like color. Notice the platter behind the bowl is hung backwards with twine to display the artist's name.

via Woman's Day

The eclectic look is perfect for decorating on a budget. Found textiles look almost glamorous when mixed and matched like above. The decorative piece of iron on the wall is also salvaged.

objets d'art abounds at flea markets

via Notebook
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Need some bright and happy bedding at an amazing discount?

Than you should go to ideeli! However you must use my super special Decorology link to get a free membership! They constantly have sales from top clothing, shoes, jewelry, and handbag designers but the prices are always really low.

Duvets and sheet sets for under $60 - and that's queen sized!

These l.a.m.b watches are all under $100

...cute clothes from Lucky...

They're inventory changes weekly so there's always something you'll like! happy money saving!
Again use this link for your free membership and to start shopping.
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Keep the summer going - lovely conservatory inspiration

Even though it is the last week of July - I feel like it is just now getting hot. And where better to practice the art of being languid then a conservatory, porch, or sunroom?

I'm not a huge fan of wicker but this conservatory is still delicious!

It's too cold in my climate to enjoy Christmas in a glass room, but this is just gorgeous

Such a charming and lived in space
via House to Home

via Livingetc

The overgrown "secret garden" style of this conservatory is right up my alley
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