The charming, idyllic towns along Lake Constance in Germany

Lake Constance is Europe's third largest lake, on the gorgeous Rhine, at the foot of the alps. The lake and it's absolutely adorable towns makes for a gorgeous day trip from Ulm. Actually - I wish we had scheduled more time to explore the towns. You can read about Lake Constance on Wikipedia.

I love half-timbered buildings...

So gorgeous!

As always - thanks to my bf Chris for these gorgeous photos.

Here's that list again of all my posts from our travels that I've posted -


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Gorgeous mountain lakes of Picos de Europa
Stunning mountains - Picos de Europa
Bilbao and San Sebastian
Beautiful Barcelona
The amazing Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona
Art Nouveau dream house by Gaudi in Barcelona


Not to miss - the gorgeous rocky coast of Italy's Cinque Terre
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Jungfrau region, Switzerland, Part 1
Jungfrau region, Switzerland, Part 2

One of my favorite cities from my European backpacking trips - Ulm, Germany
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The Dos and Dont's of Kitchen Decorating

Decorating magazines can be a great source of inspiration, but they can often overlook the basics. The problem is that basics are a big deal to the first-timer decorator. Getting your kitchen perfect is no simple process, and we can’t take anything for granted. So in order to help, we’ve assembled the most essential dos and dont's of kitchen decorating.


• Invest in a high-quality worktop. It is essential to the aesthetic and for maximizing space.

• Allow for numerous electrical sockets. You can’t have too many unless they’re eyesores.

• Separate the refrigerator from the grill, oven and similar appliances as much as possible.

• Make space for a dishwasher.

• Place base cabinets at least 21” deep.

• Place cabinets above countertops at least 30” high and 12” deep with at least 60” of frontage.

• Make your walkways 42” wide and your passageways at least 36” wide.

• Hire a professional fitter to connect the gas.

• Hire a professional electrician to handle all wiring.

• Hire a professional plumber to set up the water supply, waste disposal and drainage.

Below are some great example of kitchen Do's

via Christopher Peacock

via Kitchenisms

via Pinterest

via Schibsted Forlag


• Overestimate cabinetry and cupboards; too much will make the kitchen seem smaller than necessary.

• Go with less than 144” of frontage for small kitchens or 186” for large kitchens (greater than 150 square feet).

• Allow for less than 15” clearance between counter and the bottom of wall cabinets; 18” is best.

• Carpet the kitchen. A kitchen floor will get wet, and it needs to be as hygienic as possible.

• Place a dishwasher farther than 36” away from a sink.

• Hang anything, including cabinets, over an oven or hob.

• Place an oven or hob directly beneath a window.

• Purchase elaborate window coverings. Simple blinds are the best choice.

• Underestimate storage needs. Any kitchen needs a combination of at least six drawers and cupboards.

• Account for less than 12” x 24” for each diner.

• Forget to place a smoke alarm and a fire extinguisher in the kitchen.

This kitchen is a major don't...

via Ugly House Photos

These are some of the major decorating tips to look out for when revamping your kitchen. Happy decorating!

*disclosure: this is a sponsored post
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Inspiration and tips for organizing your craft space

The better organized and pretty your craft space, the more you are going to get out of it.  Below are a few tips for getting it back in shape and lots of eye candy full of inspiration. These are coming at you from BHG. My additions are in italics.

Clean Out Clutter.

Test all the craft supplies you own, including paints, markers, and glues. Do the same with tools such as scissors, staplers, and punches. Toss everything that doesn't work. Put similar items in clear plastic containers with handles.

Storage for Small Gear.

Hang a clear vinyl shoe bag inside a closet or behind a door. Slip small parts, supplies, and tools into the pouches. If you have no door/closet in your work space - try a small rolling cart with lots of little drawers.

via Amazon

Hang Fabric.

Drape fabric scraps and swatches over rubber-coated hangers intended for multiple pairs of pants. Hang from hooks on the back of a door. Different fabrics need special treatment - even draping velvet over a hanger can damage it This post from Entirely Smitten has great storage ideas, which includes creating your own little minibolts, to using storage boxes originally intended for CDs and other items.

via Entirely Smitten

Organize Ideas.

Purchase eight to 10 sturdy letter boxes and fill with inspirational materials from books, magazines, photographs, and online searching. Organize and label boxes by topic, source, or project. Stack near a chair or desk and use an extra counter, end table, or resting spot. I organize my inspiration and ideas in binders. I fill the binders with clear page protectors and slip my inspiration in the sleeves. It is a really fast way to literally flip through my inspiration. I have a binder for graphic design, hair and makeup, workouts, packaging design, etc.

Here is some great craft and work spaces for inspiration:

so gorgeous!  But I hate when they take cords out of shots - where is the lamp cord?
 Regardless, the cube shelves provide great storage.

This is a dream space - tons of storage drawers, a cushy window seat!
3 above via BHG

via Curbly

via Ikea

via Pinterest

A cabinet with tons of tiny drawers is great if your projects require lots of small tools and materials.
via Pinterest
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Bright, airy, and beautiful spaces to brighten up your Monday

Ugh - I'm feeling this Monday pretty hard. I'd love to just layout in a chaise on my balcony and read and nap. I thought these white and bright images might be a little pick-me-up...

How pretty is this hammock?

via Hubsch Interior
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Closet organizing inspiration!

I have 3 closets in my small apartment, which is great. The problem is that Chris and I have way more than three closets worth of stuff. So, I've been scouting out some good ideas to maximize that space. Here's what I've found:

I don't know who only has 15 items hanging in the closet, but there are some good ideas here. Install two bars one underneath the other to maximize vertical space while providing double the space for shirts, shorts, and skirts.  I am also soooo coveting shoe cubbies.  I don't know if they're in my immediate future because of my budget...

It's smart to combine a few different storage options in your closet: drawers, cabinets, wall hooks, and shelving.

I've yet to find a belt or scarf hanger that does the job, I always go for hooks like these hanging beside my clothes rack or a full length mirror.

awesome utility closet - I need to find hooks like that to hang my mops and brooms...

Stunning - and check out how the curtains can go all the way around the room!

I have been looking for an over the door rack like this for so long!  You can find it here - Chef's

pegboard on the inside of a door is a great organization tool if you have no wall space! You could do this in the bathroom and store cosmetics and other beauty tools

Oh my goodness... heaven's pantry...this is great to aspire to...and I do have glass canisters in mine like they show here.  I cut out the label on the packaging and tape it to the inside of the canister if it's something that might not be easily recognizable - but all those little canisters and tins?   Have any of you done this with your pantry?

via BHG

Hopefully I've inspired you to maybe do a little closet makeover this weekend!  Does anyone have some closet organizing secrets to share with us?

Have a great weekend!
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The home office/studio of one of my favorite graphic designers/bloggers

Designer Fabien Barral's blog, Graphic Exchange, is always my go-to site for design inspiration when I'm starting a new project and feel a little bit of designer's block. He has a way of finding the most stunning work being produced in the graphic design world - especially when it comes to typography. It was no surprise really that his home office, which he shares with his wife in the countryside of France, is as equally inspiring.

Separate work stations provide lots of work surfaces, and in my humble opinion, one can never have too much surface area...

The plants are a nice touch... I have three in my space

One day I'll have space to have a separate table for pencil/ink/and paint, and a separate desk for my computer...

Make organizational tools like filing/storage that are out in the open pretty, and somehow visually cohesive - love these.

Lovely office right? I know I'm a bit jealous.  You may also know Barral from Harmonie-Intérieure, a home-decor stencil company that does some really unique wall stencils.  I did a post on them years ago.

images via Graphic Exchange
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