The little things in life - beautiful details and accessories that make a house a home

I've had these images for a while, but I could never find a post to integrate them, so I decided to just dedicate a post to the sweet little things in life - the details. Pretty little worlds within our homes. Enjoy!

Isn't this gold chrysanthemum to die for? They are one of the most beautiful flowers (IMHO)

Love the greenery on the chandelier

Aren't the little nesting "bowls"? so pretty?
via Elle Decor

These vignettes are so beautiful. via Mariam's GORGEOUS riad. via My Marrakech

via House Doctor

I LOVE quilts - I have (unrealistic) aspirations to make one one day, so I save bits of old clothes and fabrics to use.
via Indenfor & Udenfor

A pretty way to display jewelry
via BHG
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Gorgeous curtains and a very generous discount for you!

I don't know much about window treatments - but I have witnessed how they can completely make a room - adding that finishing touch to what was otherwise a room "missing" something. I was lucky enough to get to try out a gorgeous set of curtains by DKNY Home, courtesy of the awesome folks at Curtainworks. The images depicting the curtains were spot on to how the curtains look in person. I love the effect of all the flowers falling to the bottom of the panel.

Now you can get any curtains of your choosing from Curtainworks with this 25% off coupon code - CWB5. If you need a better reason then just a seasonal makeover, hanging heavier drapes during the winter can help keep the cold out and save money on your heating bills! The coupon code expires on 1/31/2011.

These are the curtains I chose. I normally don't lean toward red, but thought I'd take a chance.

This room is just a temporary home until I move in February.

A close up of the embroidered flowers above the printed flowers.

I also have a 25% off coupon code for you, DKHB3, expires 1/31/2011


disclosure: These curtains were received as a sample
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GREAT book giveaway! Real Simple's 869 New Uses for Old Things!

Lucky you! One of you can win this awesome book! It's like a bible for Real Simple's popular monthly feature "New Uses for Old Things"

Here are a few of my favorite from the book:

birdbath: Swap birdsong for blooms. Plant flowering succulents in an underused birdbath.

baby powder: Prevent sweat stains on white shirts. Sprinkle powder on the underarms and the collar, then iron. The powder acts as a barrier. (I have lots of whites so I'm gonna try this one!)

bowl: Peel garlic. Place cloves in a bowl, cover it with another bowl to form a sphere, and shake. The papery skins will flake right off.

ketchup bottle: Driplessly parcel out pancake batter. Pour it into a clean bottle, then squeeze onto the pan, whether in plant=size rounds or silver dollars

coffee filter: When snapping a close-up, soften the brightness for a more flattering photo by placing a paper coffee filter over the flash. (I HATE using the flash so I'm going to try this one next time instead of taking photos that are way too dark!)

One of my personal new uses for an old thing is using rubber bands on hangers to keep cami's and other delicates from slipping off. What works best for me though are the thick rubber bands that are used to keep bundles of broccoli and other veggies together.

So how do you get a chance to win? Just leave a comment on this post - and feel free to share your own ideas! On Tuesday Dec. 7th I'll draw a winner at random and announce the lucky reader the next morning.

The book can be purchased on Amazon.

Good luck!

disclosure: I received this book as a sample
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To all you bohemian chic lovers - you'll LOVE this sale!

Really great home decor on sale! If you like the whole bohemian, Moroccan, and eco-friendly look than you will LOVE this sale going on at HauteLook. It's a members only designer discount site, but if you click my invite link, your membership is free and fast to sign up. Hurry - the sale ends tomorrow at 8 AM!

Once you're signed up, go to the "Living" tab, then click "Karma Living" Enjoy!

Again, here's your invite
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And the winner of the reversible duvet and shams is....

Katydid! Congrats! Please send me your shipping address to ashley[at]decorologyblog[dot]com. Thanks to everyone for entering! I have another great giveaway coming up soon!

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HUGE designer discounts at ideeli's black sale

As usual, you gotta run to this one cause it sells out fast. They've got shoes, jewelry, bags, outerwear, knits, denim, dresses, classics like Calvin Klein, designers like Dolce and Gabbana. You're free membership is just a click away (it's fast to sign up, too) -

There is also a big designer discount sale at members -only shopping site RueLaLa, which I have an invite link for you to join (free) -, and at designer discount shopping site Gilt - you also need an invite link, which I have for you here.

Tons of great gifts without trying to find a parking space!

I have this jacket and love it! I always get compliments

I'm seriously considering this coat - wool and only $89!

Here's you membership link again.
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Gorgeous Autumn and holiday decor and how to make it!

I am ashamed I'm not posting this DIY earlier. I've always though that gilt gourds is were so pretty, I just needed a good excuse to try it out! It makes gorgeous autumn decor - so I should have posted this in plenty of time for anyone interested to make it before the holidays. Regardless, I still thought it'd make a good post. My original inspiration was this gallery from Country Living.

I looked up a couple of step-by-step instructions, but the best instructions I found in the Mona Lisa Gold Leaf Kit, which I picked up at Michaels. This is what I recommend for beginners as it includes everything you need - primer, adhesive, gold leaf, sealer, and antiquing glaze.

My parents grew many gourds so I had my pick. You can get gourds online or from supermarkets if they're in season. Make sure they are dry, and have no punctures.

Here are a few supplies you may want to have on hand - gesso (which I used as a primer on the gourds that I only painted, not leafed). Paint (some of the gourds I just painted metallic gold to ad variety alongside the gilded ones). Brushes, paint stirrer, paint tray, palette knife for mixing small amounts of paint, a pencil and masking tape for creating designs on the gourds, and a leafing kit or supplies.

After picking the gourds I wanted to paint, I primed them with gesso, applying it only where I planned on painting them or applying the leaf.

This gourd I painted the top a metallic gold, and applied leaf on the bottom half. (Notice the red leaf primer on the bottom.) A dark color primer makes the gold leaf "pop" a little more.

Once the primer dries, apply adhesive as instructed on the label. I found applying the gold leaf was easy it I placed a piece of waxed paper over it, warmed the wax paper a little just by rubbing my hand over it, and then applying the leaf to the gourd. Try and touch the leaf with your fingers as little as possible. You only have to press the leaf to the gourd very lightly.

Brush off any excess flakes with a soft, dry, brush. A light touch will do. After that, coat it with the sealer well. After the sealer dries, apply the antiquing glaze as instructed on the label. This project does require a good amount of surface space, and can be messy so make sure you've allotted space and cover any surfaces. Also various amounts of drying time will be needed between steps.

So...without further are my results!

I lined a wood bowl with dried rye and than arranged the gourds to create a centerpiece.

What do you think?
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