Cool new (and free) online moodboard tool

I wanted to thank Michele for bringing MyDeco to my attention. It's a very cool site with lots of goodies for all of us design enthusiasts out there. There are fun quizes, lots of eye candy, and you can make a moodboard! I also want to check out the 3D room planner they have. Here are the results of my style quiz:

I am a "homecoming queen." This makes me laugh, because I didn't even go to my prom let alone homecoming, and I'm definitely not the "princess" type. ...atleast I don't think I am....

"Nothing - budgets included - stops you from putting your all into creating a dream home. Your look is quintessentially feminine: cool, pretty colours; layered patterns and textures; and flawless attention to every detail."

Sadly, my budget definitely puts my dream home on hold...

My bedroom supposedly is, "Your bedroom benefits from a lovely feminine touch. Sleep is fundamentally important to our well being. In busy towns and cities, noise can often hamper a good night's sleep. Soft furnishings really do absorb sound, and touch is such an important sense in the bedroom, from crisp, linen sheets to wool or even sheepskin underfoot. You like to surround yourself with pretty frills and flounces in your bedroom, using a palette of beautifully muted colours to create the perfect retreat from daily stresses and strains."

This is pretty accurate! You can see my bedroom here (a few things have been changed since this post, but you get the gist).

My moodboard - I love white interiors. But recently, I've also been into richly colored accent pieces and upholsteries in luxurious fabrics. I also learned a bit about myself in the process - I like mirrored case goods!

Visit my profile here.

If you take the quiz - let me know what style you get - I'm interested to see what everyone is!

via MyDeco
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I'm back, and I come bearing the portfolio of one of my favorite photographers!

Francesco Lagnese's work takes my breath away. The atmosphere is unreal and the light is so clear. I can't explain it - you have to see for yourself!

Not too shabby a spot to take brunch...and lunch and dinner


All photos property of Francesco Lagnese
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I'll be back soon! I'm going to visit a place like this...

I'm off to Florida you guys! I'm taking a much needed long weekend to visit one of my sisters and relax on the beach. So, I'm leaving you with ways to add some light-hearted, tropical air to your space.

oh...this is so me... natural wood tones and white

via the beautiful blog, this is glamorous

West Elm(top)/Pottery Barn ( 2 bottom) via Material Girls

Material Girls gave some really good advice on achieving this look:
  • Rattan or wicker furniture
  • Wood flooring
  • Natural area rug- seagrass or sisal
  • Mixing lots of texture and pattern is a must!
  • Comfort is key- large upholstered furniture in preferably white or off white will give it a fresh, clean, and crisp look
  • Animal prints!!!!
  • A few leather pieces
  • Try to stick with these colors- pale yellows, browns, golds, beiges, natural greens that have more yellow in them, soothing blues, whites, and splashes of red, black, and chocolate brown
  • Wood furniture
  • Lanterns
  • Bamboo shades for your windows
  • Table setting- they have these great round textured placemats at Crate and Barrel/ C&B Outlet or you could do wooden bowls
  • Large floor vase with bamboo sticks
  • A candle in a glass container with water rocks/stones
  • Wood bowl with real fruit
But if you want more of a beach/nautical look, here are some of my favorite accessories:

  • Faux coral- I can't say enough about it, I have a piece of it in my Living Room that I bought at Crate and Barrell and it just makes my coffee table.
  • Extra large clam shells- I know we have done a high low feature on this before, but you can find them everywhere these days- they are very in style!
  • Anything dark blue and white
  • Stripes are always nice for this
  • How about putting starfish in a bowl or in a jar?
  • Shells on a stand or in a glass bowl
  • A glass apothecary jar filled with mom (who inspires me every day!) has been collecting sand from the different beaches she has visisted while on vacation for the past I don't know how many years- she then puts the sand in different glass jars and labels them where they came from. It makes a really cute display and a great conversation starter about all of your travels!
Tips via Material Girls (more great info to be had)

via Home Decorating Reviews

Tropical island architectural genius! I love the use of stone! It must make the home feel so cool when coming in from the beach.


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Peaceful, calming shots from a renowned interior photographer

Let the work of Annie Schlechter help you get over hump day. She sure did help me. This week is stressful because I'm leaving tomorrow for Florida and have a lot to get out the door before I leave. Her pictures help me try and imagine a simpler, less-fuss life. day maybe. Which photo helps you stress less?

I'm not a good cook at all, but I like the ritual of cooking in the evening. It forces you to slow down a little.

You probably recognize this photo from the late Domino.

An artist's dream! A studio not left wanting...

Ah...a perfectly organized closet

A well stocked home library is my idea of heaven

Okay, so is this house...I will have dreams about this house.

This is the photo that first caught my attention. What a beautiful blue. It immediately made me think of my beloved blue merle aussie, Cody. :(

all images property of Annie Schlechter
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