Oh Zara, why do you taunt me!

Zara is a staple to many budget-conscious girls here in the city, but the only thing we can adorn with Zara are our closets and ourselves. Across the pond, girls can adorn their entire apartment in the awesome and affordable goods offered up at Zara Home. I've yet to hear any news of them giving us a little love in the states, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

oh I'd love to have a rain forest in the middle of my apartment

I LOVE this hutch, but it's not something they actually sell

Art Nouveau tea towels!!!

Lots of pretty knobs, hooks, and hardware.
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2 photographers, double the interior inspiration

I was so happy to come across these two portfolios. They're each different, but are simply beautiful to see. Patricia Burke is a home and garden photographer out of New Jersey, and Joe Schmelzer works out of California.

More of Patricia's work can be seen at her website.

Check out more of Joe's work at his website.
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dazzling charming living rooms

How great would it be to walk into your home and decompress in such a pretty living room? I'm sure with a little bit of saving and planning it could be accomplished, but I think the most important part this day and age is setting oneself a time frame - at least for me time is often the biggest obstacle.

A. I love how cozy this living room is while still feeling airy. The white coffee table keeps all the leather from being too stuffy and dark.

B. I love how the wallpaper has been treated more like art in this room, hanging on just one wall. It's so energizing!




F.I love the color palette of this room



I.That clear coffee table is something I've been coveting for almost two years now...I don't know what's holding me back!

J.So cozy...




N.LOVE the upholstered chairs!










Do you have a favorite room/s? It's soooo hard to choose, but I'd say mine would have to be A,B,J,L, and N.

Images via Ideal Home
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