A gorgeous Copenhagen apartment in white with bold contrasts

Happy Friday! A little eye candy for ya...

Love the old leather chair in the corner

via Indenfor
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Check out my article in Nesting Newbies Magazine

Nesting Newbies is a great new online magazine with useful features on cooking, entertaining, lifestyle, and home decorating - geared towards the new home owner or renter. I was flattered to be asked to compile a list regarding "If money were no object, what would you buy for your home right now"

Go to Nesting Newbies, Issue 3, and see the article on page 162.

Here's what I had to say:
If budget was no option, what would you buy for your home right now?

I like a look that blends a little rustic, a little feminine, and a little eclectic. I like mixing styles because it makes it so much easier to incorporate a new piece that you fall in love with, without having to worry whether or not it fits in with the rest of your decor. So, here are three things I'd love to have in my home right now:

A bed with classic good looks. A bed is a piece you should invest in, and you want something that isn't too trendy or you won't get tired of looking at in a year. I love the clean shape of Crate and Barrel's Colette bed paired with the subtle "toughness" added via pewter nail heads and a natural linen texture

I've been wanting a mirrored dresser for a long time, and I like Anthropologie's version which features a "dappled" look. The patina keeps it from looking too precious or overly glamorous

A pair of these chandeliers from my favorite San Francisco shop, Bae. I'd love to put these over a farm table or industrial style dining table from reclaimed wood.

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Decorology just went carbon neutral

As the daughter of an environmentalist - I really grew up with no choice in the matter, though it's not a hard choice to adopt! For placing the the below badge on my sidebar, Kaufda will plant a tree neutralising the carbon dioxide emissions of my blog.

carbon neutral coupon with kaufDA.de

Click here to discover how you can make your blog carbon neutral! (it really couldn't be easier)
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Awesome wallpaper - unique and chic

I was introduced to this wallpaper and had to share it right away. It doesn't hurt that the styling for these photos is gorgeous too. I think my favorite is either the zebras, or the ibis in the neutral/magenta colorway. How about you?

The company is Turner Pocock Cazalet and you can see more at their website.
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Ellen Pompeo's Home from Elle Decor

Have to say I love the unpretentious, down-to-earth style that is Ellen Pompeo's Hollywood home.

via Elle Decor
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An adorable villa in white, robin's egg blue, and black

I adore this home. It's so cheerful - I think it would be impossible to feel gloomy and not smile when you see it. I'd love to see it in person!

The wallpaper is bold, but since the surroundings are quiet and neutral it's not too much for my personal taste.

The chair in the corner makes the dining room so much cozier.

via KML Design
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Insired living rooms, from eclectic to retro

Sorry I've been M.I.A you guys, I was traveling to Spain, where I'll be visiting with my boyfriend for a month until we leave on a nine week backpacking trip around Europe. I'll fill you in with more details later - so stay tuned!

For today I thought I'd just grace Decorology with some really great living rooms. Let me know which one is your fav!

Love this modern retro/industrial look. The carpet keeps it cozy.
via Country Living

Skona Hem always gets it right!

Don't you love this eclectic look? It's so warm and full of personality.
via Southern Living

So glamorous but the exposed brick ads a nice edge to keep it from being to frou-frou
via Taverne Agency

Love the rug, chairs, and salon-style wall.

two images above via Tricia Joyce
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