A sad farewell

Hi all,
I'm sorry I have been offline since Thursday. I had to fly down to Florida because after a major stroke and two weeks in the hospital, my grandfather took a turn for the worse. Sadly, we lost him on Saturday morning. Granddad is a tremendous loss for the White family, and I'm lucky that I grew up with him close by and knew him so well. He had a charmed life and lived to 87.
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Announcing the winner of the Home Decorators French Country Coat Rack!

And the congratulation goes to MarySue! Congrats MarySue! Please email me at ashley@decorologyblog.com with your shipping address so we can get you that most coveted coat rack. I'm a little jealous!
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Another awesome bedding sale at ideeli

This one features Tony Bahama Bedding - These sheet sets are so pretty and boho chic. And great for fall!

Queen set only $64

You have to use this link if you are not yet a an ideeli member!
It's free and quick I promise :)
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Stylish studios from Marlaina Teich

You may remember Marlaina's work when I introduced her work in the Luxurious Interiors post. Well, I was recently sent these impressive photos from one of her latest projects -

"According to NY-based interior designer Marlaina Teich, modern, neutral furniture placed strategically can define living spaces without being overpowering, and bright accessories and edgy art can liven the room, creating a studio that doesn’t feel small at all. This model studio at 200 Water Street...is easy to re-create!!

Marlaina Teich’s tips for making the most out of a one-roomer: set up double-duty areas like the dining room (that can also be used as a work station) and create firmly (but softly) divided spaces with sheer curtains (like in the bedroom) and a low couch (in the living room). Using light-colored furniture, bright accessories, strategically-placed mirrors, and fun artwork make the space feel vibrant and large, and the affordable pieces from IKEA, CB2, and West Elm keep the studio in a realistic budget for tenants to re-create.

The model has been so well received that 116 studios at 200 Water have been leased within the two months the building has been open. In addition, many tenants are attempting to re-create the look by purchasing the exact items used in Marlaina Teich’s design. 'Pretty much everyone wants to recreate Marlaina's model studio for themselves, or they incorporate similar ideas like using a bookshelf in place of the curtain divider,' says Kathleen Gargan Scott, Vice President of Marketing and Leasing for Rockrose Development Corp."

I think this is all really good advice for studio dwellers, and house dwellers can apply these same principals in small rooms .


The above is a 1bedroom living room opening to the kitchen.

The yummiest part? The new Rockrose Development Corp. property that secures exclusive Grimaldi’s pizza delivery for residents! Grimaldi's is TDF!!!

What do you guys think of these spaces?
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Gorgeous home office and organization inspiration

I have a feeling after looking at these photos that I'll be decorating my office more than working in it today!

This wall was painted with a magnetic paint

Too small for me but I think it's helpful to have a little surface in the kitchen dedicated to writing or a laptop for looking up recipes - too many times has muffin batter ended up all over it.

yay! for storage you can hide with the swish of a curtain!

color coordinating can help create visual order

This is an amazing home office. I'd love to have a comfy place to sit and go through papers and magazines.

images via BHG
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Balancing your home with color

I thought this was a fun little chart that House Beautiful put together.

I would definitely consider having a yellow or orange kitchen

At the least, lavender gives me a sense of serenity and light heartedness

I've read in quite a few books that having a splash of orange on your desk or in your studio helps with creativity - I usually opt for orange flowers on my desk

Deep blue encouraging efficiency is interesting too - and something I'm going to test out!

Light blue and aqua are my favorite colors. Especially in my bedroom.

I think that color theory should be applied to more public buildings and establishments like retirement homes, prisons, and hospitals. Do you guys have a room or object where the color was chosen specifically for it's effect on your psyche? If so - what's the color - and what's the room/object?
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Pretty and delicious

More of my days on the farm so far!

My favorite lunch is tomato, mozzarella, and basil on fresh bread. Rosemary focaccia is my fav, but since we didn't have any I just used Italian bread and sprinkled on some rosemary, course-ground salt, and olive oil. The tomato I was privileged enough to pick just a few minutes prior from my parent's garden. Above was yesterday's lunch.

This photo was inspired by Polly Wreford's STUNNING photo. My mom has a large and ever growing collection of glass bottles that we find in the woods behind one of the soybean fields. Whenever I'm walking back there I pick up a few and bring them back up to the house. They make great and interesting bud vases, and the flower gardens are bursting with zinnias which make for pretty arrangements.

Polly's work of art. You can see more of her work here.

And a close up of my mom's gorgeous zinnias.

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Beautiful rooms with Parisian glamour

Thought I'd share some of this beauty with you this morning - all from Homes and Gardens

maybe not so Parisian, but pretty!

again - not so Parisian - but a pretty reading nook

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Eclectic autumn inspiration

It will not stop raining here. I'm trying to make the most of it because I have trouble sitting at my desk when the weather is nice. However, I'm also without internet until Monday so I'm having to spend the day at a cafe - which would've made me suuupppperrr productive if I'd managed to leave the house before 3pm! Ugh...what I wouldn't give to be a morning person. I work so much better when it's dark out and after 9pm - it gets frustrating. Anyway, I digress. Here are some beauties for you!

The blue of this bedspread is just stunning. And I actually like it with the light blue bed frame and wallpaper.

I adore this kitchen. That wide plank island table is TDF - and the styling is lovely too with all the flowers.

I've always like round tables with stacks of books

via Elle Decor
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