Pictures from Europe - Baiona and Isle de Cies in Spain

Here are pictures from the first two days of our trip. We were in the coastal region of Galicia, in Spain. Galicia was beyond beautiful and we were lucky enough to get 5 days without any rain, which is almost unheard of in that region. We rented a car and used the city of Vigo as our home base for two nights. I really liked Vigo.

Map of Galicia - in the North West corner of Spain. GORGEOUS GORGEOUS.
map via Manchester 2002

Baiona is a small coastal town with a nice little port, gorgeous rocky coast, and wooded hills.

Here is a passage from my journal entry from Baiona:

"We started out in Vigo after driving 5hrs from Valladolid. Vigo is a cool city with a San Francisco feel. We went on a day trip to Baiona, which was so pretty. The Garmin really came in handy because it managed to get us to an island with a temple on top (temple in photo above). It took us through a tiny neighborhood with the narrowest streets - though the houses were nice. It was a fun adventure. - June 17th"

The images below are from one of my "must-sees". The Cíes Islands, a short ferry boat ride from Vigo.

About the Islands:
"They were declared a Nature Reserve in 1980 and are included in the Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park (Parque Nacional Marítimo-Terrestre das Illas Atlánticas de Galicia) created in 2002. In the year 2007, the British newspaper The Guardian chose the beach of Rodas, in the island of Monteagudo, as the "most beautiful beach of the world". via Wikipedia

Approaching the islands

From the ferry boat dock

Some people go just to lie on the beautiful beaches, but we did a hike up to the various view points.

One side of this island was rocky cliffs, the other white sand beaches.

The other island from the top of the one where we were hiking.

up to the lighthouse

There were a handful of gorgeous beaches on this island

Well I hope you enjoyed these! There will be tons more in the following months!

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