Check out my interview with HGTV designer Martin Amado!

I always like it when I get to ask the experts design questions that seem basic enough, but we tend to forget. They always leave me saying "ohhhh yeahh..." Well I was offered the opportunity to ask Martin a few questions and came up with a few that either I always seem to need help with or that I get a lot from readers. Here are my questions...

1. For those who love to rearrange and change things around in their home a lot, what’s the most cost efficient way to “change” up your décor? In other words, what décor change gets you the most bang for your buck?

2. If one can only make one purchase or change to improve the eco-friendliness or green rating of their home, what singular purchase/installment would you suggest?

3. What is the most valuable lesson learned from a renovation/redecorating “mistake” you made in the beginning of your career that others can learn from?

4. This is one I get a lot - a young family moves into an old home with great original architectural elements – for example – dark wood paneling, floors, and molding. If painting or altering the wood in anyway is 100% out of the question, what design tips and tricks do you suggest for adding some youth, funk, style, and modern flair? How do you lighten up the space and “ungrannify” it with decorating elements other than paint?

Watch to hear me ask Martin these questions and to hear his really great answers:

Thanks again to Martin for his wise words of wisdom! To see some of Martin's fab work or to learn more about him, go to his website.
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