A book that every DIYer, remodeler, and frugalista must check out!

HGTV's Design on a Dime Host Frank Fontana's Dirty Little Secrets of Design; I have to say I was very impressed by this book when I received it. Lots of decorating books have inspiring and pretty images, but this is one of the few rare ones that you actually want to read. It is packed with great tips - and not just how to make your house a better place to live, but how to live in your house better.

Is this not a home office/studio to die for? It's home office heaven! Tons of surface space, storage space, and natural light.

Some of Frank's home office dos and Don'ts:

• Locate your office area where it can interfere with social spaces in your home.
• Keep a cluttered, messy desk for all your guests to observe.
• Us overbearing decor that will distract more than soothe and motivate. Keep the TV in the other room, unless it's part of your job requirement.
• Make your office at home feel too much like your other office. Leave harsh lights and sterilizing styling for the hospitals.

•Provide yourself with basic office supplies to keep the work flowing.
•Find a quiet space for your office that will allow you to forget about it when you only want to relax. Conversely, put the dog in the kennel when serious work needs to be completed.
• Use closed-storage, multi-functional, and organizational furniture to keep the things you need easily in reach but not constantly exposed.
• Use items like privacy screens, curtains, and solid dividers to separate your focus from the rest of the house (if you don't have a dedicated room).
•Add personal style to your office furnishings that inspire creativity and success

A lovely restful bedroom.
Bedroom dos and dont's from Dirty Little Secrets of Design

•Bring the drama of our day into the bedroom. Change your design to help change your attitude.
•Use bright hues of color that make you feel a sense of urgency. (Of course, these colors will vary depending on your personal taste.}
•Overdo your design to the point where you feel as if you are sleeping in a museum. Like color, decor should lend itself to subtlety instead of intensity.

•Create a destination out of your bedroom that carries you to a calm, peaceful place. Seek inspiration from your favorite vacations.
• Work with earthy colors, and don't be afraid of dark colors, as they will aid in letting you sleep later in the morning. Keep an equal balance of design, high style, and downright warm cozy comfort.
• Include decorative pillow, but use the rule of three for this one. Two matching Euro-sized pillows with shams and one funky pillow that makes a statement.

A fun and chic entryway.

A tip I was so happy to see - Frank's tip on how to work with wood
"Many design styles will call for lots of wood furnishings. Avoiding buying a set of furniture or decor is a great way to save money and stay original, but that means you need to have an eye for matching distinct items. When purchasing wood furnishings, a good rule of thumb is to not have the color of all the wooden items in a space differ by more than three shades. If you absolutely love a piece but it is too dark or light, you can always sand it and add a new finish"

A super chic reading nook in my fav. colors at the moment - grays.

Well...have I whetted your appetite? This book is definitely a great addition to the library of a big do-it-yourselfer. It can be purchased at Amazon , or from the publisher, Abrams.

I received this book as a sample
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