Peaceful, calming shots from a renowned interior photographer

Let the work of Annie Schlechter help you get over hump day. She sure did help me. This week is stressful because I'm leaving tomorrow for Florida and have a lot to get out the door before I leave. Her pictures help me try and imagine a simpler, less-fuss life. day maybe. Which photo helps you stress less?

I'm not a good cook at all, but I like the ritual of cooking in the evening. It forces you to slow down a little.

You probably recognize this photo from the late Domino.

An artist's dream! A studio not left wanting...

Ah...a perfectly organized closet

A well stocked home library is my idea of heaven

Okay, so is this house...I will have dreams about this house.

This is the photo that first caught my attention. What a beautiful blue. It immediately made me think of my beloved blue merle aussie, Cody. :(

all images property of Annie Schlechter
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