Gorgeous interiors from the West

I've decided to turn a rainy, gloomy day to a sunny one by scrounging up a collection of light hearted and bright interiors. I have a feeling that even if you live in a sunny locale you'll still enjoy these. What image is your favorite - what about it makes is so?

Take note that all of these rooms are relatively clutter-free, a characteristic required for a light hearted feel

This was actually a garage the owners turned into a loft! I love the chair (which I believe is from Anthropologie), and the purple accent throw.

love the rustic chest at the foot of the bed

A salvaged bench makes a pretty, one of a kind seat.

I used to have a fireplace and had I been able to find large candles like that I would have put them in mine!

I have a soft spot for mismatched chairs

Love this photo - sadly this poster has become a bit cliche.

Big fan of open kitchen shelves - if you can keep them tidy that is!

via Sunset Magazine
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