A house tour from me!

Last year I conducted a house tour for Apartment Therapy. By lucky coincidence I went to pick up a desk I found on craigslist from the very congenial Leona and Kay, and I was instantly struck by the clean design of their top floor, Park Slope apartment. Around the same time, I was asked to conduct a house tour for Apartment Therapy. I instantly thought of their home, and they were kind enough to allow me to present it. Nice place isn't it?

Their apartment had great light!

This shower curtain was a hit - they acquired it at a local hardware store

This 50's dinette set is their prized possession

The headboard is actually an inexpensive Ikea mattress!

A day bed for guests. The curtain behind it acts as camouflage for storage

These sliding screens from Ikea make for pretty closet doors

Here was my original post:
I was shocked when Kay and Leona told me they had moved into their beautiful top-floor apartment only a month ago. They've hung art, curtains as partitions, and even come up with an attractive and functional closet system. The couple's furniture and d├ęcor comes from a wide variety of sources, such as flea markets, antique stores, Ikea, Art de vivre in France, Christie's, and Lumas. I was really impressed when they revealed that the headboard for the bed is actually an Ikea mattress. I thought it was a real upholstered headboard! The apartment has a surprising loft-like feel, as they've chosen to embrace a more open layout, including using what most would consider the bedroom as a living room, and the living room as a bedroom. They spend the most time in the living room, so they designated the larger room with better light to serve the purpose. Kay and Leona also enjoy the almost exclusive (nobody else ventures up there) rooftop with a great view of the Statue of Liberty!

Their survey for Apartment Therapy:

Your Style?

Although we like modern design, we wanted to give this brown stone (pre-renovation) apartment a special touch and combined modern and vintage elements. Because our lease is limited to one year, we couldn't structurally change anything in the apartment.

Favorite Element?

The open bedroom with fireplace, the kitchen that opens to the dining room. The almost exclusive rooftop.

Biggest Challenge?

The open bedroom without a door to the dining room and the lack of storage / closet space.

What do friends say?

Love it

Biggest Embarrassment?

He: The old IKEA sofa and the cheap lamps;
She: the 1995 Baywatch centerfold in the office

Proudest DIY?

The classy (we think) but inexpensive and easily removable walk-in closet.

Biggest Indulgence?

The art (photo art mainly). We love our custom-made walnut dining table from France, which combines a modern shape and warm wood color combined with chairs from the mid 19th century. And the 50ies modernist bar and all the photo art for the walls that is yet to come

Dream Source?

Christie's (they actually have very interesting stuff at their furniture auctions)

Furniture: Custom made dining table from Art de vivre with 19th century chairs
50ies Formica diner table and chairs for the kitchen
Chest of drawers, daybed and sofa from IKEA
Walk in closet a combination of Home depot & IKEA
Vintage and antique furniture shops in Brooklyn
Glassware and chandeliers from flea markets
Beds: Standard spring box and mattress with a twin mattress (our guest mattress) used as a headboard
Artwork: several galleries, Lumas

via Apartment Therapy via ashleywhitedesign.com -- me ;)
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