Fun reader question - ideas appreciated!

So, Laura posed this question to me awhile ago and I've been compiling ideas for the last couple of weeks:

"We're about to get an antique brass bed from my parents, but it's been
really hard to find examples of similar being used in well-appointed
bedrooms! So I was wondering, have you seen any great examples of this

(I'm also hoping to go for a Scandinavian or lightly nautical theme,
once we get it. We have wood floors and I'm painting the walls a very
light grey.)"

I thought this was a good challenge, as one often sees brass beds only in victorian, floral-type bedrooms. The photos I found either feature a brass, or similar bed, in a way that keeps things from getting to frou-frou, or is a bedroom where I feel a brass bed would fit in well without detracting from Scandinavian sensibility and nautical details.

Here's a really nice example with the gray walls, and I think that a brass bed would work, as long as you kept your bedding free of frills and lace or flowers. Maybe a solid or stripes. Instead of the starburst mirror in this room, try a fish eye, or convex mirror for a nautical touch.
via house to home

An ornate bed works in this very Scandinavian bedroom because the colors are primarily neutrals and other elements, such as lighting and artwork, is modern.
via house to home

Here's another bedroom which features pale walls, and I think that with all the modern elements in the room - like the bedding and artwork, that a brass bed would still feel chic.
via DecorPad

This bedroom is minimal, but still cozy, and I think that just a couple of nautical touches and a brass bed (keep the bedding crisp and simple) would work. Keep a couple of organic touches around too - like the branch ladder featured in the corner of this bedroom.
via DecorPad

This bedroom is already very nautical, and I think that if you kept the bedding similar, and got rid of a few of the overly "campy" objects (the flag, the wooden fish,etc.) in this room, that a brass bed could work.
via house to home

If you don't mind a slightly more feminine look, as long as it's not frilly a more modern floral could work. Switch the green stripes in the rug for blue, maybe some nautical-themed art, different curtains, and you could have the look you're going for.
via So Haute

The above two images are from Ikea, which usually has a Scandinavian look, and you can see references to nautical in the later image, which I think would be fitting for a brass bed.

So folks - any ideas for Laura?
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