A tour of my Brownstone studio apartment

I was really flattered when Marcela of Deco and Design asked me for a little house tour. Unfortunately since I am currently "without house," I had to send her photos from a very cute studio apartment I lived in a couple of years ago. It was on the ground floor of a brownstone in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Park Slope. I was even lucky enough to have my own little backyard. When I signed the lease on this apartment is when I really started to get interested in interior design. I had no idea how to decorate a studio and finally didn't have any roommates and could decorate how I wanted. Most of my furnishings are hand-me-down or cheap finds, as my entire budget went to rent on the place. So, really, this apartment was my first stab at decorating.

You can read her post on my apartment here.

The apartment had a lot of charming little built-ins, like the pantry above - and the desk and shelves below

The apartment did have a separate eat-in kitchen, which was really nice.

I was always changing things around as you can tell

This is the cooking area. The counter had been covered in a hideous, old, stained yellow laminate, so I went and bought some cheap textured drawer liner and resurfaced the counter for less than $14. It help up surprisingly well. No air bubbles or leaking into the seams or anything.

A non-working fireplace in my living room/bedroom.

I loved the shutters, hardwood floors, and tin ceiling.

Sorry another blurry shot - this cupboard was also built-in.

So, I know it's not much, but I love looking back to it!
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