Help a reader design her home office!

A lovely Decorology reader wrote to me asking for some assistance designing a small home office she shares with her husband.

Here's a description and a photo:

"My space is really small so I guess this will be a real challenge. I share the space with my husband. Our room is newly painted and I need suggestions on how to decorate our small space. I'm planning to put about 3 photos on the wall (since I love photography) and an art print but is still open to ideas before I start. It used to have shelves on the wall but I find it messy so I took it down. maybe some ideas about choosing the right furniture (desk, chair, lamp, etc.) for the small space!"

Below I'm posting some of my ideas - but please comment and share!

A desk with a pullout surface and a built in hutch is a great way to have storage in a small space.
This desk is from West Elm.

A secretary desk is a nice option because when you're finished working you can stow everything inside and "close" it up, just like with a murphy bed.
via Domino via Flickr

Since your desk will most likely be small with little surface area, one way to keep papers from stacking up and off of the desk is this cute clipboard idea. I have 6 in my home office but haven't covered them yet.
all image above via Martha Stewart (links to clipboard decorating instructions)

Cubbies might be a good substitute for shelves?
via Poppytalk

A consistent color scheme - like the wood tones, light gray blue, and red accent keep small spaces looking tidy.
via Kikiclark on Flickr

via Domino The Book of Decorating
Using sconces instead of desk lamps will provide good light and free up surface space, play them up if you wish like the ones below

directions at Martha Stewart

Another great way to showcase sconces.
via Apartment Therapy via Design Sponge (links to project instructions)

If you didn't like shelves, you could install a cabinet like the two images above, or you can keep everything in coordinating baskets.

I don't know if this is an option - but you could each have your own workspace if you have the need an space. Directions are here.
via BHG

via I forgot!?

Here are a few ideas from Ikea for a home office(drawers on casters instead of shelves), and a desk with cabinets for storage.

Also, be sure to pick a comfortable and pretty chair, especially if the office is simply in the corner of another room. You don't want to be in your bedroom or living room always looking at an ugly chair.

So? Does anyone have any other ideas for our friend?
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