Stylish studios from Marlaina Teich

You may remember Marlaina's work when I introduced her work in the Luxurious Interiors post. Well, I was recently sent these impressive photos from one of her latest projects -

"According to NY-based interior designer Marlaina Teich, modern, neutral furniture placed strategically can define living spaces without being overpowering, and bright accessories and edgy art can liven the room, creating a studio that doesn’t feel small at all. This model studio at 200 Water easy to re-create!!

Marlaina Teich’s tips for making the most out of a one-roomer: set up double-duty areas like the dining room (that can also be used as a work station) and create firmly (but softly) divided spaces with sheer curtains (like in the bedroom) and a low couch (in the living room). Using light-colored furniture, bright accessories, strategically-placed mirrors, and fun artwork make the space feel vibrant and large, and the affordable pieces from IKEA, CB2, and West Elm keep the studio in a realistic budget for tenants to re-create.

The model has been so well received that 116 studios at 200 Water have been leased within the two months the building has been open. In addition, many tenants are attempting to re-create the look by purchasing the exact items used in Marlaina Teich’s design. 'Pretty much everyone wants to recreate Marlaina's model studio for themselves, or they incorporate similar ideas like using a bookshelf in place of the curtain divider,' says Kathleen Gargan Scott, Vice President of Marketing and Leasing for Rockrose Development Corp."

I think this is all really good advice for studio dwellers, and house dwellers can apply these same principals in small rooms .


The above is a 1bedroom living room opening to the kitchen.

The yummiest part? The new Rockrose Development Corp. property that secures exclusive Grimaldi’s pizza delivery for residents! Grimaldi's is TDF!!!

What do you guys think of these spaces?
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