Days on the farm

I've been at my parent's farm for a couple of weeks now. It has been very recuperative to say the least, though the quiet and lack of ...people..does get to me sometimes! Here's a glimpse of my days.

Working at home means I'm able to eat really well. My favorite breakfast is plain greek yogurt, low fat granola, almonds, blueberries, and a spoonful of raspberry jam. MMMM

After about 5 years and all 6 of us trying, I finally figured out how to get my parent's cappuccino machine to work! I have a lot of practicing to get the foam just right. The buddha likes!

My mom sells sunflowers by the stem at the farmers market, and whatever doesn't sell, we get to keep. I made this bouquet for her - my stab at flower arranging. Tips and tricks are welcome!

Pappy the clydesdale and I at the Maryland State Fair. I love the texture of his mane, and what a teddy bear!

This sweet baby cow was born just 2 hours before this photo was taken. I felt kinda bad for the little guy out on display and everything. That little nose!
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