Which house would you choose?

Upon the recommendation of a friend, I rented the movie "The Holiday" a couple of weeks ago. I thought the movie was really cute, but what caught my attention the most was the juxtaposition of the two lead characters' houses. They both had their qualities, but reflect completely different lifestyles. Would you choose Cameron's lux LA house, or Kate's cozy "Rosehill" cottage?

Please excuse these photos- they are DVD grabs, and aren't really up to par

Cameron's LA home:

The office

Home theater





Living room



Images via Surrondings Check out their post on how to get the look for Kate's cottage and Cameron's LA house!

Kate's cottage.
FYI: I did a little research, and this cottage, sadly, doesn't really exist. They built the fake house in Surrey out of fiberglass and wood, and it was torn down after filming. The interiors are sets.



Living room

Cameron rockin out to The Killers

Hall view


Jude's drunk and about to pass out on the couch




So, which house is your fav?
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