From my summer in Europe - amazing Pompeii

Without a doubt, Pompeii should definitely not be missed if visiting that part of Italy. I knew quite a bit about it before I ever saw it because I studied Latin in high school and it is Pompeii that gave us such a good knowledge of Roman life. I had no idea, however, how big the site is and how well preserved some buildings and artifacts are.

Here are some pictures from our day in Pompeii... (you can click on any image for a larger version)

If this peaks your interest definitely read wikipedia's Pompeii page for a good overview of the city's life and demise

From the town forum

A courtyard in a villa

A view of a street in Pompeii. Amazing no?

In a building they've been collecting artifacts they find to put on display. These are mostly wine vessels, but they've included a few plaster casts of the indentations left be people who died in the eruption.

A small shrine of some sort

On the outskirts of Pompeii is one of it's most famous sites - the Villa of Mysteries

This amazing fresco depicts woman's transition from a girl to a married woman. This initiation chamber is what has made the Villa of Mysteries so unique and important.

A porch in front of the Villa of Mysteries

A typical paved street of Pompeii.

An interior

A mosaic tile floor in a villa

The amphitheatre

Another theater is still used for performances

Hope you enjoyed! Anyone here been to Pompeii? Thoughts?

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