My interview with Apartment Therapy's Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan

I was so honored to have a chance to chat with Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan. He's the founder of Apartment Therapy, which was the first design blog I ever discovered and what ultimately inspired me to start blogging. We talk about "techorating," - successful decorating with technology that merges function and design. Below is the video of our interview, some still images, and even more tips from Maxwell on techorating.

Maxwell in his chic office at the Apartment Therapy headquarters.

The latest book from Apartment Therapy - "Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces," is packed with ideas for integrating technology into your decor beautifully

Apartment Therapy headquarters.

Techorating in action at Apartment Therapy. Cord management has become more attractive over the years with nifty helpers like these CableDrop cable clips.

One of my favorite ideas. I didn't even know these existed - a charging station that can charge up to four phones and only one cord. It's called the Duracell myGrid.

Instead of the outdated speakers you see above...Maxwell suggests looking into products like this ceramic Phoneofone III by Science and Sons. Your iPhone sits in the cradle at the opening and the sound is amplified. Read/see more info at Science and Sons. You'd expect this beauty to be almost $1,000, but it's actually $195 +SH.

He also mentions this Jambox from Jawbone. Completely wireless and small - but 120 DB. Cost is $199 and it comes in several colors.

Here are a few more resources from Maxwell.

An article on merging color and technology on Apartment Therapy. Click here to read.

A wiremold article for when you have to run cables/wires without drilling holes.

Click here to read.
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