House Tour: minimalist and feminine style come together

I've meant to share this with you guys for awhile, but I was waiting for my scanner to arrive. Being rather unrich I purchased one that was cheap, but got good reviews. It's ok I guess, I've used better. I work with a guy who's job it is to scan photos and make them beautiful--so maybe he can teach me some tricks.

Anyway, to the point. I love this house tour in the most recent issue of Domino. The house belongs to Katie Ukrop, founder of Quirk Gallery in Richmond, VA.

She has done an amazing job of mixing southern romance and minimalism into a cohesive style. Hailing from below the Mason Dixon line myself, I am inherently drawn to all things pastel, romantic, and with that certain charm. However, now living and working in NYC, I also have a love for contemporary design. I hope you find her home gorgeous as well, and happy Friday!

Simply beautiful parlor in pastels, I love the canvas above the fireplace as well.

I would have never thought such minimalist chairs would work with that table, but I love it! Also cute is the charming china collection above her stove.

Again, love how she's mixed modern furniture with more traditional pieces.

A sisal rug keeps the dining room from being too flouncy.

Katie herself.
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