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Hanging your art and photos in clusters may be on the verge of "out," but I don't consider it a trend at all, but a classic that's going to stick (and one that started way before last season's decorators were doing it). I've drawn up a quick diagram with a few no fail layouts.

Starting at the top left, this "above and below" layout starts with a horizontal line. Use photos that will end up taking up about the same amount of space above the line and below the line, that way the arrangement is neither top heavy or bottom-heavy.
Moving below to the bottom left, this "inside the lines" arrangement is probably the layout you've seen the most. In an imaginary rectangle, fill the area by loosely arranging the art within it. This layout works pretty much anywhere, and is a good solution for odd spaces. Lastly, to the right is a vertical line up, which work well with high ceilings or columns.

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Two above images from Domino

image from Bluelines

Funny enough, Pottery Barn announced a free shipping promotion on select frames!

Please send me your results if you try this and I'll post them!
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