One of the best home decor books I've read in a while: "Books Make A Home"

There are lots of pretty decorating books out there, but it's only every now and then that I get one where I want to scan and show you every single page. This book, "Books Make A Home," is one of those few gems.

"Books Make A Home," by Damian Thompson, is filled to the brim with ideas and imagery of how to store and display the books in your space - large or small...

like in alcoves..

...even bathrooms! (I do love reading in the tub!)

This white bedroom, where color is solely brought in be books and the three potted plants, is one of my new favorite spaces.

Don't store books above your bed if you live in an earthquake prone area.

I'm against covering books so they fit into your decor or color palette.  Books themselves are beautiful to me, and I like people who come into my home to be able to learn a little more about me, where I've been, and what I'm passionate about, by the spines on my shelf.

A cleverly placed book shelf is a classic great idea for breaking up a studio or large space into separate rooms.

So, are the books in your home there haphazardly? Or have you stored and displayed them in a thoughtful way? If so, do you arrange them based on where you need to access them, there importance to you, the beauty of their spines, etc. ? Can't wait to hear how you integrate books into your home!

 The book can be purchased on Amazon.

 all images from "Books Make a Home," I received "Books Make a Home" as a sample.
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