Artist spotlight: Michael Begenyi's color rich, geometric paintings

I'm really going to try and feature more artists this year. As a RISD illustration major painting and drawing are in my blood, and artwork can make a huge impact in your home! The artist I'm featuring today is Michael Begenyi, I think his work really lends itself to interiors and interior design, because of his focus on color combinations and geometry and line.

Here is his artist's statement: Michael C. Begenyi teaches middle school art in Western Pennsylvania and actively exhibits his work. His acrylic paintings reflect his interests in the geometric representation of the natural world and explorations in color theory. The relationship between math, science and art is part of what Michael has been exploring with his current work. Technical precision is important to Michael but it does not overwhelm the organic and creative inspiration for each painting. 
 This one (full:above), (detail:below), is my favorite.  It is titled koi pond. I think it does a fantastic job of capturing what a koi pond would look like broken down into geometric shapes.  The colors are really stunning as well.

The paintings also remind me a lot of oragami, and even have titles like "Hummingbird," "Frog," and "Crane"

 The photo above gives you a better perspective of the size of some of the paintings

To see all of Michael's works, purchase, or read more, go to his shop on Zatista.
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