Vintage beauty - inspiring photos from "Robes of Earth" on Flickr

I discovered Robes or Earth's photostream on flickr while searching for photos of apothecary cabinets - and I think you'll agree that it's a find! The photos are from amazing museums around the artist's home of Melbourne Australia - like "an open-air recreation of a coal mining settlement in the 1880s in rural Australia" - Coal Creek. The photographer - Penny Elizabeth Neal is also a salvage artist and craftsperson and creates amazing pieces of jewelry from vintage finds, which she sells on Etsy.

In fact, she has three Etsy shops -
Sparrow Salvage - the new shop with a more sparse, primitive feel.

Little Brown Sparrow
(the old shop) for found-object jewellery, paper collage and more, all made from salvaged and antique things...

The Dark Woods
for ragged taggle clothing, jewellery, goods and chattles with a dark, sparkly, earthy faery edge.

Check out the candelabra covered in wax!

The gorgeous shot of the apothecary cabinet

Check out the Robes of Earth Photostream. You'll also see some photos of her studio where she creates her little treasures.

A few of her Etsy creations:

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