Vintage wine jug sourcing update

Ask and you shall receive! You guys really pulled through for me on helping to figure out what the bottles in the below image are called, and where they can be found! Thank you so much!

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hayniedi says:

"check out commercial suppliers and home brewery suppliers. They have lots of sizes and colors at very affordable prices which allows you to recreate the look on a budget. No one will know!"

Great tip!

Here's just two such sites:

Home Brew it

Wine Guy Supply

sss says:
" for these jugs, they are also known as demijohns or carboys, but i had been on a hunt for the last month to find ones that are more budget friendly and finally found a few. look no further than your neighborhood pier 1, marshalls, tj maxx, or ross dress for less for all colors & sizes! i bought a taller light blue one at pier 1 last month on sale for $29!"

Anne at the City Sage says:
"For a similar but slightly more organic look, I adore these recycled glass handblown bottles from viva terra:

Rachel at Harmony and Home says:
"I was going to say the same thing as "sss". Your local TJ Max, Marshalls, etc. for the best price on these. Also, check out! "

An anonymous commenter sited J. Peterman's - which I didn't know had housewares!

prazenjc says
"I just saw some at HomeGoods yesterday!"

Susan wrote:
A great site has some real ones from France on page 2 at great prices. (go to Pottery, Glass and Stone and THEN on page 2 are the wine bottles) Great Stuff by Paul has other wonderful things too. My sister has bought other things from them and had great results. Also on Ebay type in 'large demijohns'. There is a dealer in Canada I have dealt with. His store on Ebay is called 'TRP35 vintage Antique store'. I bought a huge amber demijohn from him a few years ago and he was great to work with. Looks like he has a huge green one for $99.00! He use to have a lot of bottles, I don't know if he still does. His shipping prices where not bad either.

Thank you to all!
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