Check out Decorology's guest post on "Keep Domino Alive"

I was honored when Katie over at Keep Domino Alive asked me to guest post. Here's my little contribution. See more at: Keep Domino Alive Go visit and see lots of other lovely Domino images from some awesome bloggers. Thanks Katie!

It still really has not sunk in yet. I guess when it comes to the stages of grief I am still stuck in denial. The magazine is going, but why why why do away with the website? I cannot imagine going to and getting an error message. I remember when Blueprint folded they tried to keep it alive via the Bluelines blog, but sadly that didn’t last very long.

Grieving aside, I have pulled a few beautiful images from the site to commemorate the magazine that served as a tableau for my dream house. Ok, houses. I went searching with the intention creating a collection of images illustrating one of my favorite styles- French eclectic- but as you can see, that idea didn’t last long. There was too much beauty; so I leave you with a potpurri. *weep*

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