Thom Filicia from Dress My Nest answers my questions!

I recently had the honor of being invited to an online press conference interviewing Thom Filicia, from Style Network’s Dress my Nest and NBC/Bravo's Emmy award winning "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy." Some of you might have caught him Monday on The View launching Kimberly-Clark’s Room-A-Day Giveaway LIVE. Prior to that he worked tirelessly in tandem with Kimberly-Clark for the past couple of weeks revamping The View’s dressing room area, hoping to turn these dated spaces into a home away from home for the show’s guests. I think he succeeded, and he did all of this in less than one month!

The Rehearsal Hall, BEFORE - a hodgepodge of orphaned furniture, broken blinds, and institutional flooring.
via ABC/Donna Svennevik

The Rehearsal Hall after!
via ABC/Steve Fenn

A typical dressing room before...
via ABC/Donna Svennevik

via ABC/Steve Fenn

After! His concept was to give each dressing room a "view."This room, for example, was the Brooklyn Bridge, another Central Park, etc.
via ABC/Steve Fenn

You can see more photos here, and the video segment here.

Now for the goodies ....

To help make your home a special place for family and friends, Kimberly-Clark and “The View” are partnering for year three of the Room-A-Day Giveaway sweepstakes to award 16 lucky winners $25,000 each for a room makeover. Go to, I just signed up and it's really quick and easy!

You can also read Thom's blog on Room-A-Day Giveaway.

Sneak peak into Thom's new book...Thom Filicia Style

Thom’s Top Tips

Don’t be afraid to mix Timeless and Timely:
Timeless is a fresh look at traditional design and Timely is a more livable version of what we know as modern design. Pair a classic rug with more contemporary furniture. When Timeless and Timely pieces are used together you’ll create an interesting, eclectic room that’s entirely your own.

Color Your World
There’s nothing that will transform your space as easily and affordably as paint. When looking to refresh your world bring in your favorite color with the ease of a roller.And when looking to strengthen the foundation of your room bring in a stylish and bold rug layered on your basic wall to wall carpet. Pick colors that suit your personality. When painting a room don’t be afraid to be bold & choose the colors you love, not colors that are safe. And remember, a fresh coat of white paint can bring an old piece of furniture back to life and help it fit in anywhere

Decorate Outside the Box
Don’t allow a home’s architecture to limit your decorating options. Just because your house is a colonial,it doesn't mean that you have to decorate like you’re a pilgrim. Your interior should speak as much about you as it does about your architecture, so be free in making choices and make sure your home tells your personal story.

Personalize Your Space
Your home should be an extension of your personality and reflect your individual aesthetic. Personalizing your space is key to any successful design. Choose artwork and accessories from throw pillows, to books, to picture frames, and interesting objects and artwork that collectively tells your story and make you smile.

Well Read
Layering your room with books is a great way to add depth, color and visual textures. A stack of books can make a great, interesting little side table.

Lose the Matchy Matchiness
Each piece you select in a room should have Character, be eye-catching, and tell your story. It doesn’t matter if your furniture, artwork, and textiles are collected during exotic trips or sourced from local design shops. As long as the overall look is original with intriguing juxtapositions and unexpected contrasts you’ll create a room that is interesting, unique, and beautiful.

I also got to ask Thom a question of my own:
"A lot of 20 something's are probably in the same boat as me, in that I've acquired a lot of furniture from my parents. Usually the pieces are different styles or don't match. What is your advice for those of us without the budget to toss out a carpet or sofa just because it doesn't match and replace it with a new piece it with furniture that does go together?"

Thom responded:
Paint is one of your best friends in this situation. If you have furniture that clashes or has deteriorating finishes, you can paint them to coordinate, and choose any colors you want. Also be inventive, for example, if you have a coffee table whose top has seen better days, have a piece of glass cut the same size as the top, paint one side to match the table, secure the top...and voila!
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