Gorgeous, artisan candles that glow top to bottom!

I was so excited the other day to get home and open my package from Black & Light Co. And WOW, I was not at all disappointed. Just opening the box makes you feel special, as if it was packaged up just for you! Not only are the candles themselves gorgeous (more on that later), the packaging is really special. In fact, the boxes will be used as Christmas boxes to my sisters. So back to the candles- never would I have thought it possible for a candle to shed so much light- and they are manufactured to last three times longer than store bought candles. These candles are also perfect for the decor enthusiast, because the designs are all hand drawn, and you can also choose from several colors from each pattern. They have everything from bees (love them!), curls, dots, whites, holiday specials, and flourishes. So of course, I had to unwrap them right away and try them. I wish my camera could do them justice!

How they arrive

Every detail thought out!

I love the bees! I was really impressed at the quality of the graphics!

I promise they really do glow this much !

Which pattern do you like? You can see more on their site.

And to all you interior designer friends out there - the folks at Black & Light Co. are wonderful to work with. They can print almost anything you can dream up on the candles, and have worked with many reputable clients.
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