Super small, super stylish apartment

It's also in one of my favorite cities, San Francisco - like NYC - but cleaner, friendlier, and with nicer weather!
I really like this little home office space. I tend to prefer a "table" over a traditional desk. I love having a lot of surface space...and give me drawers and I some how manage to fill them with things that should really be in the garbage...

hmmm...I don't know how I feel about projectors..or sitting like that through a movie for that matter. Does anyone have a projector? How do you like it?

I love all the modular bookcases is a little sterile?

The closet is 15' long, I would've liked to see it in all it's grandeur.

Ok, her apparel....explanation please...

...a great place to drive stick ;)

via Dwell
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