Anyone in need of a good friend?

I try to keep unrelated/personal issues off my blog, but this girl just breaks my heart. She really needs a home ASAP, or else she'll be put to sleep. It sounds like she would make an amazing companion animal - and with all that shepherd in her, I'm sure she's quite the smarty! And those ears!

If you can foster/adopt her call (212) 427-8273 (email might be too slow because time is of the essence!) I'd take her but my roommate's cat is deathly afraid of dogs!

Or past on this info if you know anyone interested...

More About Bobo
Can anyone find sympathy and love for an older gal? Bobo is a mature, (about 8 to 10-year-old) all American (Shepherd mix) "mutt" who was originally abandoned by her family to the city pound when they "moved." Bobo quickly attached and endeared herself to one of the shelter volunteers. She is a very loving and devoted dog. We thought we had a foster for Bobo, but the people reneged at the last minute, saying they "didn't want to get attached" to an older dog because Bobo "might not get adopted." Is that the new reality for cats and dogs who get dumped after being years in a family? Do we as a culture now say that they are "too old" to care about or consider? There is still a lot of life, vitality and love in Bobo. Her health is good and she is perfectly capable of going for long walks with anyone who can open their heart and home to her. Bobo is WONDERFUL WITH CHILDREN, TOTALLY HOUSEBROKEN AND GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS AND CATS! Sadly, Bobo now faces death in the city pound as we have no foster or adoptive home to send her to. Time is quickly running out for this loyal and loving dog who has so much love to give. Can you help us save Bobo? if so, please CALL US AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (Not email!) at (212) 427-8273. Bobo's life is literally on the line unless someone can find it in their heart to care about an older gal.

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