Happy Holidays

I'm heading over to my parents' farm for the holidays tomorrow, so I'll talk to you guys next week.  I wish everyone a wonderful, wonderful holiday - filled with loved ones and yummy treats!

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A fresh spin on Christmas decor...

I was so excited when I saw photos of this home for the first time. It's so fresh and coastal, but somehow still manages to be festive and feels like Christmas. The home is a barefoot style cottage in Florida.

The chair was a flea market find, now reupholstered in a modern coral print.

I didn't know there were fireplaces in Florida...

Okay - I love this banquette. It's custom made in faux-ostrich vinyl that's super kid-friendly

Woolen stockings didn't scream beach cottage, so the kids used buckets in lieu of stockings

If you can, use accents from your own backyard.  They don't look like everyone else's decorations, and they're free. This owner took cuttings of pine from her own property. Don't have property? Take a walk in a park and see if there are any fallen pine cones you can gather.

I adore how she did up her stairs with mercury glass candle holders and jumbo pine cones.

The bedroom color palette is so serene.

Does this home still feel holiday spirited to you?

via Southern Living December 2011
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Love art? Like art? Think it's just okay? No matter what your stance - you will be amazed by this...

I sure am. I don't feature that much fine art. I studied sculpture for two years in college and especially loved working in wood. This series leaves me speechless. The creation of Bonsoir Paris, the "Duramen"(heartwood) series was "Born of a simple impulse, the one to break with conventional ways of exhibiting, BONSOIR PARIS and its team have imagined a series of frames so strongly mistreated that they have become unrecognizable. Their wish is to break the properties of the compound, a form of compromise as minimal and it is efficient."

This piece is my favorite.  The contrast of the chocolate-like wood and the white gallery wall is particularly striking. It's hand-carved Glossy Wenge wood.

The piece below is polished oak and sanded fir

A front and side sketch of the carving above, which is constructed of polished linden on hammered pear


A look at the making of.

Read/See more on BehanceVisit the artist's official site at Bonsoir Paris

What do you think?
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Functional and pretty home offices

Depending on your work style, a simple workspace can help you stay focused

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Good light is a must - and there's no better light  than the natural light in this space
via Pinterest

For me, having inspiration pinned up near my desk helps me feel motivated to push myself as a designer
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Love this space.  For me a large desk is a MUST.
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via Richard Powers

This home office is more like a luxurious boudoir than a setting for the daily grind!

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A clutter-free and warm home of a Toronto artist

It's often a bit hard to find a home that is minimal and clean but not cold or sterile. This cozy home is a carefully edited space of meaningful objects.

The artist, Cylene

She keeps a rotating art wall, and displays collections, such as the cameras you see here, but the space still feels airy.

The kitchen is so cute.

The artist also let the folks over at Covet Garden tour her studio. I always love seeing a studio because I majored in ilustration and spent many years among other artists in their studios.

Her beautiful, whimsical paper art

via Covet Garden
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Finding holiday refuge - perfectly peaceful bathrooms

I really do enjoy getting to see most of my relatives over the holidays, especially my three sister, as we're spread over the east coast. However, ever since I was a child, a room or house full of people can start to leave me feeling a bit suffocated after awhile. Whether or not you're like me in this characteristic, it's still important to take a little time for yourself to recharge. My personal favorite is a hot bath with some candles, because it's so comforting and peaceful.

love this quaint, vintage bathroom.

I don't know if I'd ever pick such bright colors for my own bathroom, but I still think it's really striking.

I've never seen a bathtub at an angle like this!  I love "real" furniture in the bathroom, like the upholstered seat you see here.

*Love* this tile and the chocolate

Okay, so I'm not sure if I actually like this bathroom or not.   The color palette is interesting - maybe it's all just a bit too country for me.  What do you think?  Do you like this palette? Like the style?

so luxurious! I could spend a long time in here.

Which bathroom is your favorite?  Do you use the bathroom as a personal sanctuary?

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