Brighten up your Monday - favorite images from my favorite blogs

Today is just a blah Monday and the weather outside is far from inspiring. I thought I'd do another installment of "Favorite Images from my Favorite Blogs." I started this feature because I realized that as a blogger, I rarely had the time to peruse the blogs that inspired me to start blogging, or that I'd discovered while blogging. I hope you enjoy and that it ads a little brightness if it's gloomy where you are like it is here...

(blogs featured in no particular order)

Gotta love Swedish style

This bit of heaven on earth is Lake Como, Italy
Images above from the lovely, La Dolce Vita

I want a kitchen that gets such great light - maybe it would help me wake up in the mornings

Great sconces on either side of the bed...
The three above images are from the inspiring, Cococozy.

Take a look at the room above again. It doesn't jump out at you at first but I think that's why it's so great. This room is so serene and calm. Personally I find it very hard to feel relaxed, or focus and get any work done, if a room is cluttered. I feel like in this room I could either completely clear my mind, and/or really focus on the task at hand. Beautiful.

These images from the amazing 79 Ideas
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