My room! (finally I know) I'm so excited to hear your suggestions!

I hadn't forgotten that I promised to post images of my room after I'd selected a paint color (with the help of you guys), it just took me awhile to feel like it was in a state where I could reveal it. Here's the original post if you need to refresh your memory. So I'm just going to call this phase one, because there are still some improvements I'd like to do but haven't gotten to yet. Anyway, after my friend (thanks Cathie!) had "gently reminded" me twice, I knew had to bite the bullet and show it to you guys. I'm really anxious to hear your ideas.

This is the "front" of the room. I'm standing at the foot of my bed here. I plan to find some really pretty fabric and create a "skirt" to go around the radiator, which I'll attach to the shelf. Any fabric suggestions would be great, because of course I can't decide.

I'm starting a "photo wall" on the wall back there, but it's really important that the images are all meaningful to me, so it will be a work in progress. The image below is where I got the inspiration.

Image via see previous post

The mirror I bought for $20 at a flea market, and painted the frame white.

I also want to make a cover for my monitor on top of the desk (see inspiration below). My laptop lives in the secretary. The scoop back chair I bought for $5 from a stoop sale.

Image via see previous post

Adorable gifts from my friend Illana, the packaging is just too pretty for me to open!

I found two long, thin wooden boxes on the curb, which I painted white and installed on either side of my bed. They take up less space than nightstands and help curb clutter since they're small. The small lamps on either side of the bed are from ikea - and kind of hard to make out here.

The sliding doors that were on the closet were fussy, so I installed a brown velvet curtain and it works great.

I took the frame off my full length mirror and plan on stretching some fabric over it to create a "headboard"

Thanks in advance you guys, I'm sure you'll have awesome ideas.
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