Decorating with green - rooms that do it well

Green is big right now - be it the color or the lifestyle. However, like anything that becomes popular there is also the risk of becoming cliche or too trendy. However, just because something is trendy, it doesn't mean you shouldn't embrace it if you truly love it! I think a good place to start is finding inspiration that employs the color/practice/object/etc. in an authentic way.

Here are some examples where I think the color green is used either naturally or with a flair that gets across the dweller's passion for the color. What do you truly love that has become a trend - and has it changed the way you approach it?

- you can do it with accents and accessories

or a unique wallpaper or upholstery...

or where appropriate - as it is in this historic shaker kitchen

via House and Home

via Notebook via Amy Butler's Midwest Modern

via Valspar

...or...make your undying love obvious!

via Domino via Flickr
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