Calling all neat freaks! (or those aspiring to be)

So, this week I have been scouring the DC area for apartments.  After living in NYC for 3 years I figured every other city would seem inexpensive and abounding in square footage.  I was wrong.  The apartments in DC are less expensive, and slightly larger, but I guess I had my hopes up too high.  That's okay though, because a smaller space forces me to be more creative with how I store, organize, and edit my belongings.  If there's one thing I love - it's solving an organization/space issue beautifully, functionally, and inexpensively.

So the next month or so I might be throwing a lot of organization sales and ideas your way as I'm figuring our how to keep all my belongings in my new, down-sized apartment.

If you have any ideas let me know!  All these goodies are from the fab. sale site Beyond the Rack.  You have to be a member, but it's free and fast to sign up - just click here.

 canisters, $10.99
 I always use a folding dish rack like this, that way after I put away the dishes I can stow the rack under the sink and clear off counter space - important in small kitchens.  bamboo dish rack - $9.99

We eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies and hanging baskets will keep them from taking up valuable counter space. $5.99

Once I know our exact kitchen dimensions we'll definitely get a kitchen trolley.  They're cute and super useful. $59.99
I think city homes especially should be no-shoes indoors. One treads on pretty nasty stuff walking the city also keeps your floors cleaner. $17.99

In my opinion you can't have too many bins, baskets, and boxes.  $7.99

shoe tree $49.99

hamper $19.99

I've never seen one of these before. It's a boot storage shelf. Good idea if you have a lot of knee-high boots. $44.99

sweater shelf $9.99

metal cabinet shelves and racks - especially those that roll out - maximize your cabinet space. $21.99 - $74.99

If any of these call to the neat freak in you head over to the sale at Beyond the Rack.  Here's the free/fast sign up link.
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