Morocco Series: Marrakesh by Night

Marrakesh becomes an even busier, more stimulating place by night. The food vendors fill Djemaa el-Fna and the souqs are lit with lanterns and the reflections of all the metal work, ceramics, leather goods, jewelry, wood crafts, and so much more.

*please be patient during photo upload - I've specially uploaded higher-res images so you guys get extra detail! :)

A beautiful street in the Medina adorned with Moroccan lanterns

I tend to find beauty in older things with a bit of patina and wear.

It was a treat to watch this young guy making wares and other wooden objects using what he called "Moroccan black and decker;" his feet, a chisel, and a bow and rod.

An upscale restaurant entrance

The square at night from a rooftop cafe - quite different by night right?

Back down in the square entering the food stalls - everyone asks you to eat at their stall, and you can get so many delicious foods - vegetables, meats, fish, soup, fresh squeezed juice...the list goes on.

*All photos taken by my boyfriend, Chris

** I am by no means an expert and after 7 days of running around Morocco please feel free to correct me if any information I give in the Morocco Series is incorrect!
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